Exploring Tana Toraja, an area thick with a mystical atmosphere -->

Exploring Tana Toraja, an area thick with a mystical atmosphere

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December 18, 2021

Exploring Tana Toraja, an area thick with a mystical atmosphere

Indonesia is indeed rich in unique customs and cultures that attract the eyes of the world. One of Indonesia's tourist destinations which is famous for its rich cultural traditions is Tana Toraja Regency.

Tana Toraja is actually a plateau and is often referred to as the 'Land of the Heavenly Kings'. Exploring this area that is thick with mystical atmosphere will never make you bored because the expanse of verdant rice fields will always accompany you. The people who live in Tana Toraja are also very friendly to tourists and they still practice ancient rituals adopted from Christianity after the Dutch occupation.

In addition to the beauty of the traditional architecture of the Tongkonan house, tourists can also see the unique tradition of the death ceremony known as Rambu Solo which is usually held in July and August. The uniqueness of this tradition makes Tana Toraja a tourist spot from Indonesia that has a worldwide appeal.

If a  traveler is  interested in tourism at heights, you can visit Pango-pango Makale which is included in agro-tourism. Located in the hills, the natural scenery in this place is so beautiful. Not to mention the cool atmosphere will be reassuring. This is indeed a characteristic of tourism in the hills. It is not wrong if this tourist spot is often referred to as the land above the clouds.

Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the scattered trees, as well as the green bushes that lie. Enjoying the panorama of hills and mountains can also be done from here. In addition, seeing Makale City from this place will be an extraordinary thing for your tourist activities.

You will also be faced with another land above the clouds, namely Totombi. This tourist spot is located in Lembang Hamlet, Benteng Mulu Village, Kapalapitu District, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi. Tourists can enjoy stunning sunset and sunrise panoramas. Enjoying the land above the clouds, of course, you have to prepare a thick jacket to withstand the cold.

Apart from culture, Tana Toraja is also famous for its natural beauty. With its geographical location mostly in the highlands, Tana Toraja offers a variety of natural tourism options, ranging from hills to waterfalls.

Seeing the natural scenery of Toraja can be done at the top of Buntu Burake hill. This place is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, and is only about 30 minutes from the location of the stone tomb of Lemo Village. Besides enjoying the view, tourists can also see the tallest Jesus statue in the world. Taking pictures in this place will certainly produce interesting shots with the background of Toraja City behind it.

If not satisfied, tourists can visit Puncak Lakawan. This place is more commonly referred to as Mount Nona. The view from the top of these mountains is very beautiful, especially with the golden yellow mountain clusters, combined with the green expanse of Toraja nature, and the painting of the blue sky above. Exotic scenery.

Satisfied with the hills and mountains, now is the time for tourists to switch to enjoying waterfall tours. Tourists can visit Talondo Tallu Waterfall. This waterfall has three branches so it has its own uniqueness.

In addition to its beauty, this waterfall also keeps its own mystique. It is said that there is a very large eel named Masapi. This Masapi should not be caught let alone eaten. In addition, tourists are also not allowed to wear black clothes.

Although full of mystique, the cold highland water from this waterfall will present a comfortable atmosphere for tourists. To reach this waterfall, tourists have to walk about 8 km. This long distance will pay off with the beauty of Talondo Tallu Waterfall.