Watching the Sunset While Enjoying Grilled Seafood at Jimbaran Beach Bali -->

Watching the Sunset While Enjoying Grilled Seafood at Jimbaran Beach Bali

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September 24, 2021

Watching the Sunset While Enjoying Grilled Seafood at Jimbaran Beach Bali

One of the famous tourist attractions in Bali that you must visit, while on vacation to Bali is the Jimbaran tourist attraction. Jimbaran is the name of a village in Badung Regency, Bali. Located in the southern area of ​​the island of Bali, approximately 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Before developing into a tourist spot, Jimbaran used to be a fishing village, and most of the residents made their living as fishermen. But now it has changed, most of the residents of Jimbaran in making a living, are engaged in tourism.

The main attraction of the Jimbaran Bali tourist attraction lies in the white sand beach attraction known as Jimbaran beach. Especially at Jimbaran beach and Kedonganan beach, there is a uniqueness that becomes the attraction of Jimbaran and Kedonganan beaches in Bali. In addition, the uniqueness of Jimbaran beach cannot be found in other beach resorts on the island of Bali.

The uniqueness is in the cafe on Jimbaran beach which specializes in serving grilled seafood (seafood), with Balinese Jimbaran spices. As a Balinese, I also really like going to Jimbaran beach with my family, especially in the afternoon while enjoying Jimbaran grilled seafood.

If you want to see the sunset, while enjoying grilled seafood dishes. So the Jimbaran tourist spot is one of the best you can find on the island of Bali. There are so many seafood cafes available in the Jimbaran beach area, offering a variety of menus with varying food prices.

Most Indonesian tourists while on vacation to Jimbaran beach will choose to visit in the afternoon. Because the best time to visit Jimbaran tourist attractions in Bali is before sunset, or around 17.00.

In addition, if you arrive at 17.00, the scorching heat of the sun has subsided, making the beach air no longer hot, and the sunset view has not yet started. By 18:00, if the weather is sunny, you can already see the sunset while enjoying grilled seafood dishes on the white sand beach.

The activity of seeing the sunset on Jimbaran beach, while enjoying a dish of grilled seafood typical of Jimbaran, is a special attraction that is very popular with tourists. Especially for couples who are on their honeymoon in Bali, and want a romantic dinner place in Bali. Therefore, Jimbaran beach which is a tourist spot in Bali is included as one of the best locations to see the sunset in Bali.

In addition, the Jimbaran area which is a tourist spot in Bali is also very famous as a location for five-star luxury hotels. When readers are on vacation in Bali, I suggest not to miss visiting Jimbaran beach.

Jimbaran is a tourist spot in Bali which is located between the Nusa Dua tourism area and Ngurah Rai international airport. There are many entrances to get to Jimbaran beach! You can go through Jalan Bukit Permai Jimbaran or through Jalan Pemelisan Agung, Jimbaran.

Because there are many choices of grilled seafood cafes on the Jimbaran beach. find out first, a grilled seafood cafe where the food is delicious and offers affordable prices. If you don't have time to find information about a delicious grilled seafood cafe on Jimbaran beach at an affordable price. Then you can ask the driver something like:
  • Grilled seafood cafe that serves good food.
  • Friendly service.
  • Competitive food prices.
  • Fish cafe that offers entertainment, while the reader enjoys a meal.