Dubai Miracle Garden Named the Largest Flower Garden in the World -->

Dubai Miracle Garden Named the Largest Flower Garden in the World

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September 13, 2021

Dubai Miracle Garden Named the Largest Flower Garden in the World

Dubai, United Arab Emirates tours are indeed extraordinary. Various destinations were built for its citizens as well as attracting foreign tourists to travel to this country in the Middle East. And now Dubai has an amazing tourist spot, the Dubai Miracle Garden which is located in the middle of the desert.

The women definitely do not want to miss this one tourist spot. Because Miracle Garden Dubai is a place where beautiful and beautiful flowers are scattered! In fact, this flower garden has been named the largest flower garden in the world, you know, buddy! You will be amazed to see the beauty of the flowers in this flower garden.

Not an ordinary flower garden, but you can see these flowers in a variety of unique and beautiful forms. Another uniqueness that you need to know about this park is that it lies in the irrigation system. This park uses waste water recycling, you know, through drip irrigation. So, this flower garden saves up to 75% water as well as energy.

This tourist attraction that is built in this arid coastal city is constantly making “mouth gaping”. There are always new buildings, new attractions, new mega projects that add to the long list of "most-" things in Dubai's world.

Opened on 14 February 2013, Dubai Miracle Garden has won two titles from Guinness World Records. The first is the world's largest vertical garden (2013) and the largest flower arrangement that makes up the Airbus A380 (2016).

It's hard to believe with your own eyes when faced with the figure of the Emirates Airbus 380, one of the largest aircraft fleets in the world. This plane comes in true-to-life size and is wrapped in colorful flowers. The plane was "stranded" in the middle of the Dubai Miracle Garden, a 72,000 square meter flower garden in the City of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

On holidays, Dubai Miracle Garden is always flooded with tourists. They come from India, China, the Middle East as well as foreign tourists from Europe and other countries. All tourists enjoy the atmosphere, taking pictures with the background of colorful flowers. The arid desert landscape makes Dubai Miracle Garden a true wonder.

This flower garden is only open in winter, which is from mid-November to mid-May. During the summer, June-August, the temperature can reach 52 degrees Celsius, so the park must be closed.

But for the rest, you are free to explore the park in the cool winter air. On the day KompasTravel visited the Dubai Miracle Garden, the air temperature ranged from 23-26 degrees Celsius with a cool breeze.

The flower arrangements at Dubai Miracle Garden are not just allowed to grow naturally in the ground. Many giant flower arrangements with various shapes, ranging from cats, elephants, Teddy Bears, to Mickey Mouse.

The Mickey Mouse flower arrangement rose to a height of 18 meters, and was awarded the "World's Largest Topiary Structure" by Guinness World Records. This is a collaboration between Dubai Miracle Garden and the Walt Disney Company.

Tourists can also take pictures at the Floral Clock, a giant clock made of colorful flowers with a diameter of 15 meters. To enjoy Dubai Miracle Garden, admission for adults is 50 Dirhams (Rp 191,000) and 40 Dirhams (153,000) for children under 12 years old. (NDY)