Balekambang Beach The Enchantment of Maritime Paradise in Malang -->

Balekambang Beach The Enchantment of Maritime Paradise in Malang

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September 05, 2021

Balekambang Beach The Enchantment of Maritime Paradise in Malang

East Java has a variety of interesting water attractions to visit. One of them is Balekambang Beach. This beach is a busy beach and is visited by many tourists.

The beauty of Balekambang Beach is the existence of a temple on a rock besides the beauty of the beach itself is an attraction for tourists who are there. At low tide, tourists can play in the water near the rocks. The clear sea water makes visitors feel at home playing in the water for a long time.

Balekambang Beach is located in the south of East Java province. The distance from the city of Malang is about 45 kilometers. Many people who come home from tourist attractions in Malang stop by this beach. This is because the distance between the city of Malang and the beach tends to be close. The hallmark of this beach is at high tide, this beach has big waves and strong currents. If we see this beach, our memories will be Tanah Lot tourism in the city of Bali.

The charm of this marine paradise in Malang is not inferior to other beaches. The expanse of blue sea that stretches wide and beautiful will welcome tourists who come. There is a temple on one of the coral islands. The beach and its well-maintained environment are an attraction for tourists. Cool atmosphere and fresh air fill this tourist spot.

This beach has a variety of interesting things and will spoil the eyes of tourists. This clean and tidy beach has white sand and is decorated with rocks. Rows of trees add to the beauty of this tourist attraction. At certain times, tourists can witness the combination of natural beauty from the meeting of the sea and the sun at sunrise and sunset.

Another thing that tourists can enjoy at this attraction is visiting the three amazing islands that stand on the rocks around Balekambang beach. The three islands are Anoman Island, Ismoyo Island, and Wisanggeni Island. Tourists can visit the islands one by one to explore and enjoy the charm of each island. The islands are easy to reach, tourists only need to cross a concrete bridge that connects the beach with the island.

Among the three islands around Balekambang Beach, there is one famous island, Ismoyo Island. On Ismoyo Island there is a temple that is still actively used by Hindus. The temple is named Pura Amarta Jati.

Usually on Nyepi Day this temple is used for Hindu worship events. Because the temple is a sacred place of Hinduism, tourists are required to follow the rules that apply there. Especially for women who are menstruating are prohibited from entering the temple.

On this Balekembang beach, there are also many exciting activities that can be done. In this tourist attraction is allowed to camp. Tourists will not be charged additional fees for camping because this beach does not provide rental services for camping purposes so tourists must prepare it themselves.

Tourists who come can enjoy the vast natural panorama while relaxing at the campsite. Can make a simple nature party by making a bonfire while eating food and accompanied by music playing and the sound of rolling waves.

It's really cool to do it together. In addition, tourists are expected to be careful and not too close to the shoreline so that unwanted things do not happen such as tents being carried away by the waves.

Tourists can also sit back or sunbathe on the beach. The best time to sunbathe is in the morning when the sun is not too hot. Or it could be in the afternoon when the sun starts to set.

The swish of rolling waves provide tranquility for tourists to relax. The stalls around this area provide mat rental services that can be used as mats. So tourists don't have to worry about that.

An activity that should not be missed while visiting this beach is swimming. Besides swimming, there are many other interesting things related to water, such as playing water games. Tourists can relax freely in this place.

Tourists must comply with the restrictions set by the officers and must be careful with the waves. Officers are always on the beach to monitor the activities of tourists swimming or playing.

After a day of activities at this tourist spot, culinary hunting is the right choice to get rid of hunger while resting. In the beach area there are many cafes and stalls selling food at affordable prices.

For the price of one portion, starting from Rp. 10,000, - to Rp. 25.000,-. Interestingly, you are allowed to eat on the beach. However, you are still obliged to maintain cleanliness and do not leave any garbage.