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Watching the Sunset While Enjoying Grilled Seafood at Jimbaran Beach Bali

One of the famous tourist attractions in Bali that you must visit, while on vacation to Bali is the Jimbaran tourist attraction.  Jimbaran is the name of a village in Badung Regency, Bali.  Located in the southern area of ​​the island of Bali, approximately 15 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Before developing into a tourist spot, Jimbaran used to be a fishing village, and most of the residents made their living as fishermen.  But now it has changed, most of the residents of Jimbaran in making a living, are engaged in tourism. The main attraction of the Jimbaran Bali tourist attraction lies in the white sand beach attraction known as Jimbaran beach.  Especially at Jimbaran beach and Kedonganan beach, there is a uniqueness that becomes the attraction of Jimbaran and Kedonganan beaches in Bali.  In addition, the uniqueness of Jimbaran beach cannot be found in other beach resorts on the island of Bali. The uniqueness is in the cafe on Jimbaran beach which specializes in serv

Vacationing at Bali Safari Marine Park is the Right Choice with Family

As a tourist destination, the island of Bali offers many interesting things to see and lots of fun things to do.  Such as visitors witnessing the beauty of white sand beaches, unique Balinese Hindu temple architecture, sunset views, terraced rice fields, and lots of night entertainment.  Apart from that, all these great things to do in Bali will always attract tourists to visit Bali.  How about those of you who are planning a vacation to the island of Bali with your baby?  Does the island of Bali offer things to do for families and kids?  The answer is, there are many best things to do in Bali with children and family, one of which is visiting the Bali Safari and Marine Park. Vacationing to a Bali safari park is one of the most enjoyable tourist activities for families.  Ball Safari Park is the largest animal conservation place in Ball And the leading wildlife conservation in Indonesia There are more than a thousand extraordinary animals that are kept at Bali Safari Park.  Animals repr

Dubai Miracle Garden Named the Largest Flower Garden in the World

Dubai, United Arab Emirates tours are indeed extraordinary.  Various destinations were built for its citizens as well as attracting foreign tourists to travel to this country in the Middle East.  And now Dubai has an amazing tourist spot, the Dubai Miracle Garden which is located in the middle of the desert. The women definitely do not want to miss this one tourist spot.  Because Miracle Garden Dubai is a place where beautiful and beautiful flowers are scattered!  In fact, this flower garden has been named the largest flower garden in the world, you know, buddy!  You will be amazed to see the beauty of the flowers in this flower garden. Not an ordinary flower garden, but you can see these flowers in a variety of unique and beautiful forms.  Another uniqueness that you need to know about this park is that it lies in the irrigation system.  This park uses waste water recycling, you know, through drip irrigation.  So, this flower garden saves up to 75% water as well as energy. This touris

Seoul City Hall Renaissance Style Building A Historic Site for South Korean People

Seoul City Hall is a renaissance-style building that was founded in 1926. This place is a historical place for the people of South Korea. This place has also been a place to watch thousands of football fans during the 2002 World Cup match. In addition, in this place there is a beautiful grass square.  This place is also often used to hold various famous festivals. Originally built as the Gyeongseong or Keij Capital Government Office in 1925, during the Japanese occupation of Korea, it later became the Seoul City Hall building after independence.  The building imitates Imperial Crown Style architecture, and served as the town hall from Korea's independence in 1945, until the construction of a modern building in 2008. The building has been expanded six times.  The main buildings are registered cultural assets of the Republic of Korea, the North Building, which was enlarged in 1962, and the new building, which was enlarged in 1986, demolished in early 2006 to construct a new office bu

Balekambang Beach The Enchantment of Maritime Paradise in Malang

East Java has a variety of interesting water attractions to visit.  One of them is Balekambang Beach.  This beach is a busy beach and is visited by many tourists. The beauty of Balekambang Beach is the existence of a temple on a rock besides the beauty of the beach itself is an attraction for tourists who are there.  At low tide, tourists can play in the water near the rocks.  The clear sea water makes visitors feel at home playing in the water for a long time. Balekambang Beach is located in the south of East Java province.  The distance from the city of Malang is about 45 kilometers.  Many people who come home from tourist attractions in Malang stop by this beach.  This is because the distance between the city of Malang and the beach tends to be close.  The hallmark of this beach is at high tide, this beach has big waves and strong currents.  If we see this beach, our memories will be Tanah Lot tourism in the city of Bali. The charm of this marine paradise in Malang is not inferior t