The Most Instagramable Interesting Spots of Dago Dream Park -->

The Most Instagramable Interesting Spots of Dago Dream Park

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August 22, 2021

The Most Instagramable Interesting Spots of Dago Dream Park

The city of Bandung is not inferior to the others, there are always new tours that appear. It is no exaggeration to say that Bandung is one of the cool and contemporary printing specialists for vacation spots. Every new tourist attraction that was born in Bandung did not take long to be liked by tourists and eventually transformed into a popular tourist spot in West Java and even Indonesia.

One of them is Dago Dream Park Tour, this tour is the dream of tourists. Dago Dream Park Bandung can be your first choice while on vacation to Bandung. With the theme of fun and nature, Dago Dream Park immediately became a formidable competitor to similar tourist attractions that existed in the Flower City before. This tour offers a family recreation area with cool and beautiful natural scenery, with a Javanese blend concept. This tourist spot guarantees a new experience for tourists.

One thing that makes Dago Dream Park superior to other tourist attractions is its location close to the center of Bandung. Similar to Trans Studio Bandung, we only need a few minutes drive to the Dago Dream Park location from the center of the flower city.

Dago Dream Park Bandung was built on an area of ​​approximately 12 hectares. Its location in the highlands makes it have a fairly cool air and natural panorama that is still very natural. Here you will find a really fresh atmosphere, very suitable as a place to unwind.

The rides provided are games for adults and children, making it a suitable choice for travel with family. The rides that you can enjoy are Up House, Skybike, Skytree, various selfie spots and many more. In addition, Dago Dream Park Tourism provides the most Instagramable selfie spots.

In addition to game rides, in the Dago Dream Park area there are also other themed rides such as camping ground rides for those of you who like outdoor activities and direct contact with nature, culinary centers or food courts, family gatherings, and outbound packages.

Dago Dream Park Tourism is located on Jl. Dago Giri KM 2.2, Mekarwangi, Pagerwangi, Bandung. The location is not so far from the Upper Dago area, so it is not too difficult to reach.

To get to the location, direct the vehicle towards Dago Atas. Later, about 500 meters after Dago terminal, there will be a T-junction; The road to the left descends, towards Dago Giri. While the road to the right leads to the Dago Pakar area.
Take the path to the left, just follow it. Not so far away, approximately 2 KM from here you will find the entrance gate to the Dago Dream Park area of ​​Bandung.

Dago Dream Park's opening hours start from 09.00-17.00 WIB on weekdays (Monday-Friday), while on holidays or weekends, Dago Dream Park is opened longer, starting at 08.00-20.00 WIB.

In addition to the parking area, at Dago Dream Park there are also other public facilities such as places of worship, toilets, function rooms, pre-wedding locations, and places to sell food and drinks.

Especially for places to eat, you can try several food menus at restaurants and cafes that are widely available around the location. Two restaurants that are quite famous here are D'Java restaurant and Dayang Sumbi restaurant, you can try one or both of them.

Visiting tourist sites is certainly no less exciting if you just sit back and enjoy the scenery. Therefore, if you visit Dago Dream Park, you can try some of the following interesting activities.

Sky Bike

This Sky Bike ride is actually similar to the one at The Lodge Maribaya. On Sky Bike, you can pose while riding a hanging bicycle that seems to make you float among the tall trees around.

Up House

This ride is in the form of minimalist houses whose roofs are added with several large balloons to give the impression as if they are flying. Here you can also take pictures with various styles while enjoying the surrounding nature.

Love Seat

This vehicle will certainly be very liked by those of you who are drunk in love. Similar to a sky tree ride that is located above a height, here you can combine cases with your partner on a flatform that has been equipped with tables and chairs and romantic decorations around it.

Don't forget to also capture romantic moments with your partner at this ride with one or two camera shots. And there are many more interesting activities that can be enjoyed at Dago Dream Park.

Before taking the whole family on an excursion to Dago Dream Park, there are a few tips that you need to pay attention to:
  • Bring snacks and drinks because the price of food at tourist sites can be quite expensive for some people.
  • Supervise children while playing or walking. The uphill and slippery tourist terrain, especially during the rainy season, can be a challenge for children and elderly visitors.
  • Don't forget to always keep the tourist attractions clean. At some points, there are still lots of food wrappers scattered around.
  • Take advantage of the gazebo facilities to rest or eat, because there are still many visitors who eat and drink in the playground.