Enjoy Sensation Like Underwater Enchantment at Seaworld Indonesia -->

Enjoy Sensation Like Underwater Enchantment at Seaworld Indonesia

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August 07, 2021

Enjoy Sensation Like Underwater Enchantment at Seaworld Indonesia

If you want to see the underwater charm, see the life of various marine biota from small to large, you don't need to dive deep into the sea, because you can enjoy it at Seaworld Indonesia. Seaworld Indonesia is a miniature of the charm of the sea in Ancol Dreamland (Ancol Dreamiand).

Seaworld Seaworld Indonesia Ancol is located at 31. Lodan Timur no 7, Indonesia. Occupies an area of ​​3 hectares. The main area of ​​Baglan is 4,500 square meters. The size of the aquarium reaches 36 x 24 m, the depth varies from 4.5 to 6 m, stores 5 million liters of salt water and takes 7 days 7 nights to fill it.

Due to the size of the aquarium, Seaworld Indonesia Ancol is the largest marine aquarium in Southeast Asia. Seaworld Indonesia presents an underwater adventure that is packaged in 3 main missions, namely education, conservation and recreation.

Visitors will be amazed by the various collections of freshwater and seawater biota, ranging from the luxurious body color of the red arowana from Borneo, the mermaid whose existence is starting to become extinct and also gazing directly at the ruler of the ocean at the magnificent SharkQuarium. .

The following is the division of space at Seaworid Indonesia Ancol: 
  • Main aquarium: The largest aquarium on record as the largest saltwater aquarium in Southeast Asia with a size of 36 x 24 m. There are 3,500 species of Indonesian marine fish that are kept 
  • Freshwater Areas: Freshwater animals around the world such as piranhas, Arapaima gigans from the Amazon River, electric eels, cyclide fish from Africa, sailfin fish from the Yang-Tze River - China and Dewa Fish from West Java. 
  • Antasena Tunnel: 80 meters long underwater tunnel. Equipped with automatic steps with a see-through dome, so visitors don't have to walk to enjoy the underwater sensation. 
  • Dugong Aquarium: Contains marine mammals, Dugong fish (Dugong dugon) 
  • Coral reef aquarium: Contains corals, sponges, and various marine life that inhabit coral reefs.

There is a turtle conservation program at Seaworld Indonesia. Sustainably maintained turtles will be released into their natural habitat. This program is intended as an educational goal in terms of environmental preservation. What is always awaited is the fish feeding show in the main aquarium by 2 professional Seaworld Indonesia divers which sometimes feature unique and funny events when these marine animals interact with the divers. In addition, Seaworld Indonesia challenges those who dare to dive with dozens of sharks, of course for those who already have a diving certificate.

Seaworld Indonesia is open to the public and is open every day from 10.00 - 16.00 WIB Opening hours of the Ancol Main Gate. The area is quite clean and equipped with air conditioning, cleaners and a few cafes for lunch and rest. In addition, visitors can visit and enjoy attractions such as dolphin shows, hippos, birds, visiting freshwater aquariums or visiting fantasy worlds.

It is mandatory to order a D-1 ticket for arrival 

If you do not have a DKI Jakarta ID card but have purchased a ticket for a visit on that date, please reschedule your visit to 17-31 July 2021.
Sea World Ancol Opening Hours

Guide To Location
Because Seaworld Ancol Jakarta is located within the Ancol area, the route you have to take is towards Ancol.

By Bus
  • Take the TransJakarta bus corridor 5 / 5D,
  • Get off at Ancol Bus Stop,
  • Continue the journey on foot from the bus stop to enter the Ancol area and walk again to enter the SeaWorld Jakarta area.
  • By Train

Take the KRL Commuter Line to Jatinegara - Bogor or Tanjung Priok - Jakarta Kota,
  • Get off at Kampung Bandan Station,
  • Continue the journey by walking for 12 minutes to reach the Ancol area and walk again to enter the Seaworld Jakarta area.