Enjoy Lhok Mee Beach with a Sensation Like Being on Kuta Beach in Bali -->

Enjoy Lhok Mee Beach with a Sensation Like Being on Kuta Beach in Bali

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August 29, 2021

Enjoy Lhok Mee Beach with a Sensation Like Being on Kuta Beach in Bali

Almost every beach in Aceh has a charming charm. Well, one of the beaches that has an interesting charm is Lhok Mee Beach. Lhok Mee Beach, which is famous for its white sand beaches and trees in the water, is located in Lamreh Village, Mesjid Raya District, Aceh Besar District, Aceh.

Most of the beaches in Aceh Besar look beautiful with rows of pine trees, so at Pasir Putih Beach Lhok Mee is a little different, because we can see the beauty of the trees that grow lined up on the sea surface. The people there call the tree Geurumbang.

There are also mangrove roots that rise above the beach. The sea water there can ebb and flow instantly. When the sea water is high, the white sand of the beach combines its color with clear blue sea water. However, when the sea water recedes. Mangrove roots appeared one by one like the tip of a spear that was just plugged in.

Try to touch the sea water and take a closer look at the tree above the water which is the icon of Lhok Mee Beach. Just like trees in general, there are trunks, twigs, branches, and large leaves that sometimes move and fall because of the wind. But at the base of the tree, you don't see land, but sea water.

This geurumbang tree grows at an altitude of about 1-2 meters. So because you can climb this tree, and don't forget to bring a fishing rod, fishing and sitting on this tree has its own sensation.

Another characteristic of Lhok Mee Beach is that this beach has a view of fine white sand and follows the straight line of the beach. You can swim while enjoying the waves of the sea. As for snorkeling lovers, of course, you can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs on beautiful beaches.

Many people who have visited this beach call Lhok Mee beach like Kuta Beach in Bali. This is because of the charm of the white sand of Lhok Mee beach which not all beaches have. Panorama of this beach is very spoil the eyes of visitors.

Not only that, clear and clean sea water is also the attraction of Lhok Mee beach. This place is suitable as a vacation spot with family and relatives.

This beach is a very photogenic tourist location. Because of its beauty, this location is often a place for wedding photos of the bride and groom. Lhok Mee Beach is also equipped with a number of supporting facilities. There are rows of grilled fish stalls built overlooking the sea with a diverse menu. Coffee lovers can also enjoy coffee at the stalls on this beach. There are also young coconuts, boiled noodles and other foods. You can use the hut building in the food stall to rest, eat and lie down.

Lhok Mee Beach is only 2 km from Malahayati port, or 40 km from Banda Aceh City. From Banda Aceh City, you can go to Lhok Mee Beach starting from the Simpang Mesra roundabout. Turn left towards the Krueng Cut bridge and start entering Jalan Laksamana Keumala Hayati which leads to Malahayati Harbor. With a speed of 60-70 Km/hour or about 35 minutes by car, you have arrived at the White Sand Beach of Lhok Mee Aceh Besar.