Enjoy the Very Beautiful Panorama of Losari Beach -->

Enjoy the Very Beautiful Panorama of Losari Beach

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July 02, 2021

Enjoy the Very Beautiful Panorama of Losari Beach

Beach lovers, have you ever visited the beauty of this beach? Losari beach, who has never heard of the name of this beach. Losari beach is located in the city of Makassar, which is the capital of Adri South Sulawesi, so it's no wonder that this Losari beach has become an icon of the city of Wind Mammiri (the nickname for the city of Makassar).

Losari beach offers a very beautiful view, here there are three platforms that you can use to spoil the eyes, where, each platform offers a different natural panorama. If you visit in the afternoon, and the weather is sunny you will be very lucky to be able to see the perfect view of the sunset. Moreover, accompanied by epe bananas, the typical food of Makassar city, eaten slowly while enjoying the sun slowly returning at the end of the skyline with your family, friends, friends, or special people, it is sure to be a quality time that you will never forget.

Losari beach is not like other beaches, along this beach you will not enjoy the softness of the sand like beaches in general, because each edge is blocked by concrete, but don't be disappointed, because here you can enjoy various kinds of fun rides, there are banana boats, water bikes, sailing by boat and other rides, and the most fun thing is that you are also free to fish on this beach. Fun isn't it.

A Brief History of Losari Beach Losari Beach is a fish market that operates in the morning and afternoon. In the afternoon and evening, this place is used as a place to sell for traders who sell food. In 1945, this beach seems to have started to be noticed by the local government.

The government did several things to improve the facilities and facilities in this place. Construction by the local government began with the installation of 910 meters of concrete. This concrete installation aims to prevent the big waves of the Makassar Strait from hitting several public facilities along the coast. This was originally Losari Beach in demand to be visited as a tourist spot. Day after day, many people visit this place to just enjoy the afternoon atmosphere.

For those of you who have never been to Losari Beach, you don't need to worry or have trouble reaching the location. This beach is located on Jalan Metro Tanjung Bunga, Makassar city. From Makassar Hasanuddin airport, this beach can be reached in 1 hour by private vehicle.

However, if you take the toll road, the trip can be shortened to 20 minutes. But if you want it to be even shorter, you can try the route from Soekarno Hatta Airport in Wajo Makassar. From this airport, you only need about 20 minutes drive to Losari beach by private vehicle.

Come at 3 pm to 9 pm, because it is the right time to enjoy the sunset view while relaxing by eating and chatting by the beach in the evening.

Because it is a public place, this beach can be entered for free. You can visit anytime and as often as you like, but with a note that you have to participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the beach.

You can do various kinds of tourist activities in a place which is only 20 km from Sultan Hasanuddin airport.

1. Play in the Artificial White Sand Area
In the past, there was no play and swimming area on Losari beach because the water conditions were very deep. However, since 2018 the local government has created a game vehicle in the form of white sand and a swimming area. However, the beach doesn't feel complete and complete if you haven't been swimming.

2. Healthy Sports at Losari Beach CFD
If you have the opportunity to visit this place on Sunday, don't forget to take part in the Car Free Day (CFD) event held at the Losari Beach pavilion. You can take a walk while breathing in the morning air and warm sunlight while enjoying the beauty of the Makassar Strait sea.

3. Gather at the Beach
Losari Beach is the right place for you to bring your family and close friends. You can relax by the beach while chatting and chatting on a cool afternoon.

4. Enjoy the Sunset
The most promising panorama from this beach is indeed the sunset view. As long as the weather is favorable, you will see how the sun completely sinks on the western horizon. The orange tinge and the serene aroma are very soothing and reassuring to the soul.

5. Ride the Duck Boat
If you think that riding a duck boat is only done on the lake, then on this beach you can do it. Enjoy the excitement of riding this boat off the coast of Losari.

6. Enjoy Makassar's Special Food on the Beach
The typical food of the South Sulawesi region is banana epe. These bananas are made by boiling and burning then sprinkled with cheese, chocolate and so on. Epe banana traders lining the beach you can choose at will.

Besides banana epe, Losari Beach is also known as the culinary paradise of Makassar city. Along the coast there are dozens of food vendors' tents which are said to have even been dubbed the longest food tents in the world. Here, you can get any type of food you want. Ranging from snacks to heavy meals are available in full.

7. Fishing
Do you have a hobby of fishing? This activity can be done on the beach with a stone embankment as a breakwater. How come many people do the same thing to get fish and other marine products.

Come on, what are you waiting for, take a vacation and enjoy the beauty of Losari Beach which is very beautiful to spoil the eyes. There are many other things you can do with your partner or family on this beach.