Enjoy the Beauty of Luhur Uluwatu Temple on the Edge of a Towering Cliff with an expanse of the Blue Sea below -->

Enjoy the Beauty of Luhur Uluwatu Temple on the Edge of a Towering Cliff with an expanse of the Blue Sea below

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July 06, 2021

Enjoy the Beauty of Luhur Uluwatu Temple on the Edge of a Towering Cliff with an expanse of the Blue Sea below

Since the enactment of the new life order era, Bali hastily stated that it is ready to welcome domestic tourists since July 31, 2020. Given that the majority of Bali has entered the green zone, Bali is considered safe for tourism activities even though the implementation of the Covid-19 health protocol is still being carried out.

Based on the Circular Letter of the Governor of Bali Number 15243 of 2020 concerning Requirements for domestic tourists to visit Bali, there are provisions for tourist visits during the pandemic.

Why are many tourists interested in vacationing on the island of Bali? We often get this question, especially from foreign tourists who have never had a vacation to the island of Bali. Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia for various reasons. 

Here are the advantages of the island of Bali as a tourist destination that makes many tourists interested in visiting.

  • There are many accommodation options, from cheap prices to luxury resorts.
  • Places to eat are also very easy to find on the island of Bali, and there are culinary delights from various countries and cuisines from various regions in Indonesia.
  • Holiday transportation on the island of Bali uses private vehicles, so tourists don't need to walk a lot.
  • The very safe area of ​​the island of Bali makes tourists who vacation with children feel comfortable.
  • Prices and travel costs on the island of Bali are cheaper.
  • Offers a wide selection of tourist attractions, unique arts & culture, as well as holiday activities that can accommodate various tastes of tourists.

One of the popular tourist attractions for tourists who are visiting Bali for the first time is Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Pura Uluwatu or Pura Luhur Uluwatu stands right on the edge of a towering cliff jutting into the sea with a stretch of blue sea below, depicting the meeting between mountains and the sea. When viewed from a distance, the temple building looks small compared to the 97-meter-high cliff—other sources say the temple is at an altitude of 70 m above sea level.

The name "Uluwatu" itself is taken from Sanskrit which means the tip of the rock, according to the location of this temple which is on the edge of a large and high cliff. Combined with the blue background of the ocean that stretches from the foot of the cliff to the end of the horizon, the view of Uluwatu Temple is very memorable for those who witness it.

Just like Tanah Lot Temple, the sunset panorama at Uluwatu Temple is also very beautiful. At sunset there will also be a Kecak dance performance played by about 50 to 100 dancers on an open stage. The audience will be treated to a combination of stunning dynamic dance performances against the backdrop of a very beautiful sunset panorama.

When the sun goes down further and the sky leaves only a reddish tinge, the fire which is indeed an important element in the Kecak Dance dominates. That way, the sense of amazement at the beauty of the sunset panorama that becomes the background of the stage lasts longer.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is located in Pecatu Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali, about 25 kilometers to the south of the Kuta tourist area. The location is located at the southwest tip or in the southern part of the peninsula of the island of Bali.

In front of the temple there is a small forest called alas kekeran. This small forest that functions as a buffer for the sanctity of this temple is inhabited by hundreds of gray monkeys.

This Luhur Temple is one of the Sad Kahyangan Temples, namely six Kahyangan Temples which are considered the spiritual pillars of the island of Bali or the buffer of the 9 winds. The six temples are Besakih Temple, Lempuhyang Luhur Temple, Goa Lawah Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Batukaru Temple, and Pusering Jagat Temple.

In addition, Uluwatu Temple plays an important role for Balinese Hindus as a special status. At Padma Bhuwana Bali, this temple is located in the southwest, where Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa is worshiped in the manifestation of Lord Shiva Rudra.

Uluwatu Temple has several order temples or temples that are closely related to the main temple. The order of the temples is Bajurit Temple, Pererepan Temple, Kulat Temple, Dalem Selonding Temple, and Dalem Pangleburan Temple.

Each of these temples has a close relationship with Uluwatu Temple, especially during its piodalan period. Piodalan at Uluwatu Temple, Bajurit Temple, Pererepan Temple, and Kulat Temple falls on Tuesday Kliwon Wuku Medangsia which occurs once every 210 days, coinciding with the day of Danghyang Dwijendra moksa. This ceremony lasts for 3 days.

Uluwatu Temple has also become famous because right below it is Pecatu beach which is often used for surfing. Even international surfing events are often held on this beach. This famous beach wave is very suitable to be used as a surfing spot in addition to its very beautiful natural scenery.