Enjoy the Beautiful Natural Scenery at Mojo Gumelem Hill -->

Enjoy the Beautiful Natural Scenery at Mojo Gumelem Hill

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July 14, 2021

Enjoy the Beautiful Natural Scenery at Mojo Gumelem Hill

Tourist attractions in Jogja are always fun and cool. Yogyakarta is a city of education as well as a city of tourism. As a result, many creative young people come there. Those two things also make the charm of Jogja never die. The proof is, there are always new tourist destinations in Jogja that are booming through social media. There are more choices of tours to Jogja, not only to Malioboro and Parangtritis.

One of them is nature tourism in Mojo Gumelem Hill. This hill is located in Mangunan Village, Dlingo District, DIY Regency. To go to this tour, visitors can use private vehicles in the form of motorbikes or cars.

This nature tour is a suitable tour as a selfie location. This is inseparable from the beautiful panorama presented by Mojo Gumelem Hill. Visitors who come in the morning will also be greeted by a light mist around the location.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, visitors can see a more beautiful view, namely at dusk.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, visitors can also find many interesting spots that can be used to take pictures. The photo spot models at Mojo Hill are arguably funnier, some are in the form of sunflowers, bird nests, and even butterfly-shaped properties. If you go to Bantul, it is better to come to Bukit Panguk and Bukit Mojo at the same time.

There is also a heart-shaped viewing post that you can use as a photo spot with your lover or family. Located on Mojo Gumelem Hill, visitors can also find a bridge made of bamboo shaped like a boat.

Mojo Gumelem Hill offers tours with fresh air so it is perfect for those of you who are feeling tired with your daily routine. Mojo Gumelem Hill itself is designed like a trekking place with rocks neatly arranged on the path.

Although classified as a new tour, visitors can already find supporting facilities in the form of toilets there. There are also trash cans scattered around every corner of the tour. Thus, there is no longer any reason to litter in that location.

To be able to reach the location of Mojo Gumelem Hill from Jogja, visitors can follow the following route:

Giwangan Terminal – walk to Imogiri Timur – turn left at the Imogiri T-junction – turn again at the T-junction towards Mangunan – Tugu Mangunan turn right towards the Mangunan orchard – turn left until SD Kanigoro – turn right then turn left again – until the T-junction In the direction of Penguk & Mojo, take a right – follow the road straight until you reach the desired tour, namely Mojo Gumelem Hill.

In addition to enjoying the beauty of tourism in Mojo Gumelem Hill, visitors can also visit several other interesting tours in Dlingo sub-district, starting from Tembelan Gorge, Penguk Kediwung Hill and others.

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