Blue Lagoon Turkey, Beautiful Lagoon You Must Explore -->

Blue Lagoon Turkey, Beautiful Lagoon You Must Explore

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July 07, 2021

Blue Lagoon Turkey, Beautiful Lagoon You Must Explore

The country of Turkey still has many tourist destinations that are a pity to miss for the information. One of them is the Blue Lagoon (Lagoon). You must make the Blue Lagoon Beach your top choice. At Blue Lagoon you will get beautiful natural and sea views, here you can do a variety of interesting games and sports. The lagoon, which is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, has its own beauty. Oops, friends, you must know what a lagoon is, right?

Based on the adaptation of wikipedia Indonesia, a lagoon (or lagoon in English) is a collection of salty water separated from the sea by a barrier in the form of sand, coral or the like.

Thus, water enclosed behind barrier reefs or islands or on atolls is called a lagoon. Well, you can slightly imagine the shape. This blue lagoon is the target of tourists, especially lovers of water sports from abroad. The light breeze, white sand and turquoise sea also attract those who want to take a vacation.

The ride that you must try at the Blue Lagoon is Oludeniz. Oludeniz is known worldwide as the Turkish Blue Lagoon for its turquoise waters and perfect aquamarine. An attractive tourist spot, there is more to this heavenly beach than just relaxing on the sand. Check out our tips for making the most of lüdeniz .

Oludeniz is very close to Fethiye, so if you rent a car, the journey there (about 20 minutes) is quite comfortable, as the wide roads are well paved. If your budget is tight, you can take a dolmuş (minibus) from Fethiye to lüdeniz and pay a small fee of five Turkish lira. Dolmuş departs from the PO Petrol Station which is right near the bus terminal and stops several times before arriving in lüdeniz. For a more comfortable journey, you can also choose to hire a taxi from Fethiye to lüdeniz, which will cost you around 80 Turkish lira.

Of course, the most popular activity is renting a beach chair and enjoying the sun and the calm and beautiful waters of Lüdeniz. If you prefer to relax on a private beach with a restaurant and bar, visit Sugar Beach, which also has bungalows if you want to spend the night. For the more active traveler, the Blue Lagoon happens to be one of the best paragliding spots in Turkey, given the stunning views of the lagoon and surrounding coves.

There are plenty of paragliding companies for experts and beginners alike, and the roughly one-hour journey takes you from nearby Babadağ mountain (at an altitude of 1,900 meters, or 6,234 feet) and around the lagoon and surrounding mountains and valleys. If flying around isn't your thing, you can stay on the ground and rent a small motorboat from one of the many charter companies on the beach. Traveling from the sea will allow you to see the area's many hidden bays and beaches that you wouldn't find otherwise.

If you haven't chosen to hang out in Sugar Beach, there are plenty of places to eat in lüdeniz, with some choices better than others. For something a little authentic, head to nci Restaurant, which serves delicious Turkish home cooking as well as some international dishes. Oba Hotel's restaurant is also another favorite with classic Turkish dishes at very affordable prices. The location of the restaurant in a log cabin surrounded by trees is also quite important and is a great respite from the sun and sand.

Many other activities are more extra. It's no secret that the Blue Lagoon can become too much after a while due to the high tourist population around it. That's why a side break to another, quieter corner is highly recommended.

If you're a nature lover, be sure to visit Butterfly Valley , a secluded beach and nature reserve tucked between the mountains. You will find boats and minibuses that will take you to this little paradise right from Oludeniz.