Amazing Kalireco Baths with the Enchantment of Fresh Water from Natural Sources in Malang -->

Amazing Kalireco Baths with the Enchantment of Fresh Water from Natural Sources in Malang

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July 14, 2021

Amazing Kalireco Baths with the Enchantment of Fresh Water from Natural Sources in Malang

Malang Regency from the past until now is famous for having a myriad of charming natural tourist destinations. There are so many tourist attractions in Malang that make visitors never get bored to always visit. This is not surprising, considering the beauty of the natural panorama that is presented by the city which also gets the nickname of the City of Apples. Surrounded by beautiful highlands and mountains, as well as a beautiful stretch of beach, Malang definitely has a unique charm and always wants to be visited again.

Even so, along with the times, tourism in Malang has developed far. This is marked by the emergence of new tourist attractions that are no less interesting and exciting to visit. Although natural tourism remains the main charm that characterizes Malang, it is undeniable that the list of new tourist attractions that have sprung up also provides its own charm that makes Malang more unique.

What's better than the natural beauty of Malang, combined with the cool and fresh air that you can't find in big cities and the sound of gurgling water from mountain springs to refresh your body after exploring Malang for days? At Kalireco Baths in Malang, you can enjoy all these experiences, of course, while soaking in the clean and clear water at the foot of Mount Arjuna. This experience can certainly make your body relax again and your mind becomes refreshed, and you are ready to return to your hometown to return to activities with higher spirits!

This bath is actually an ordinary spring that is used by local residents as garden irrigation. Because of its stunning location and natural panorama, it's no wonder that the Kalireco tourist attraction is always crowded with tourists.

In general, tourists visit the Kalireco Malang Sumber Waras Lawang tourist attraction just to have fun bathing and taking pictures, refreshing the mind to unwind. The springs are still clear with a background decorated with shady trees, so the feeling of anxiety that is experienced will disappear in an instant. For friends currently experiencing various problems in life. Maybe when you visit Kalireco Sumber Waras, you can lighten your mind.

When you arrive at the tourist site, you will see an abundance of clear spring pools. Several streams of pool water in the form of a shower can be seen filling the pool with mossy cliffs. Such a view further confirms that the Kalireco Sumber Waras Lawas Baths in Malang is a very natural spring. The depth of the Kalireco bathing pool is not too deep, only one meter.

Tourists do not need to be afraid to throw themselves into the clear pool while enjoying the fresh natural springs. The bottom of the pool has been made using ceramic, so that the clear water of the bathtub looks more bluish.

Kalireco baths are located in the Lawan area, Malang, East Java. From Malang City, the distance is about 17 kilometers with a travel time of about 40 minutes using a private vehicle. Continue towards Lawang, before arriving at Lawang market you will find directions to the Otsuka Factory as a guide.

It is located on the right of the road following that direction until it passes the SMANELA school. Arriving there you find the first T-junction then turn left. Precisely located in front of the tomb of Kalirejo Village. Follow the paving path until you pass the mosque. Just follow the only paving path until you find the source.

If you bring a car, you can't get in. Because the road only has 1.5 meters so it can only be passed by two-wheeled vehicles. Kalireco Baths is not an official tourist location so visitors are not charged a parking fee.