The Enchantment of Sharp Coral Shark Tooth Beach -->

The Enchantment of Sharp Coral Shark Tooth Beach

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June 20, 2021

The Enchantment of Sharp Coral Shark Tooth Beach

Call yourself a lover of outdoor activities and a true adventurous spirit? You are the one who should add Shark Tooth Beach to your list of places to visit. Located in Lampung Province, Gigi Hiu Beach offers a different beach experience for you.

Gigi Hiu Beach can be a reference that you can visit in Lampung besides Kiluan Bay, Pahawang, Way Kambas, and the charming Mount Anak Krakatau. Gigi Hiu Beach offers a different panorama from the beach in general. Tooth Shark Beach is known by the local community as Pegadungan Beach, but there are also those who call it Batu Layar Beach.

Forget a sprinkling of white and fine sand like you usually find on other beaches. Tooth Shark Beach will welcome you with a stretch of artistic rocks that spread naturally along its coast. Stepping further closer to the shoreline, you will find clusters of towering rocks. Of course, this view will make you chuckle in awe of the beauty of the beach, which is located in Pegadungan Village, Kelumbayan District, Tanggamus Regency.

The waters around the beach are filled with clusters of rocks as high as 10 meters. This sight will make tourists fascinated. It's reminiscent of the situation on the beach in the animated avatar movies, which are used to practice.

With its exotic taste, Shark Tooth Beach has a charm that cannot be ignored. Visitors usually can't wait to use their cameras to capture every moment and corner of the beach.

Sunrise and sunset make Shark Tooth Beach even more charming. If visitors have the guts to stay at the beach, on a clear night, visitors will see the dazzling "Star Air".

Shark Tooth Beach got its name because of its rocky shape as sharp as a row of shark teeth. In addition, this beach also has another name, namely Batu Raya Beach. The naming is based on the presence of swollen rock and is shaped like a sailboat.

The sound of the waves crashing against the corals will accompany the time you spend on this beach which is directly opposite the waters of the Indonesian Ocean. You will be amazed by the large waves that you will often see there.

One thing you need to remember when visiting Shark Tooth Beach is that this beach is not intended for swimming, because the natural conditions do not support swimming safety. So, what activities can you do when visiting Shark Tooth Beach?

With its exoticism, Shark Tooth Beach has a charm that cannot be ignored. Immediately use your camera to capture every moment there! Sunrise and sunset rays make Shark Tooth Beach even more attractive. If you're lucky enough to be there on a clear night, you'll see a cluster of milky ways in the sky of Shark Tooth Beach, a rare opportunity.

Gigi Hiu Beach is not yet equipped with tourism supporting facilities such as lodging or restaurants. Don't expect to find lodging in the class of a five-star hotel because the accommodations offered around Gigi Hiu Beach are still in the form of homestays. The nearest homestay location is in Teluk Kiluan.

For those of you who intend to visit Shark Tooth Beach, you can use Bandar Lampung as the starting point for your trip. For those of you who are outside the island of Sumatra, Bandar Lampung can be accessed by air via Radin Inten II Airport as well as by land after first docking at Bakauheni Port.

The location of Gigi Hiu Beach is in the same direction as Kiluan Bay. The distance of Gigi Hiu Beach from Kiluan Bay is approximately 5 kilometers. Make sure your vehicle is in prime condition when you go to Gigi Hiu Beach, because you will be faced with a path that is still in the form of bumpy soil mixed with rocks.

It's better if you park your vehicle in Teluk Kiluan and continue your journey using motorcycle taxi services offered by local residents.

Another alternative to get to Shark Tooth Beach is through Padang Cermin – Bawang – Kelumbayan Village. Kelumbayan Village is the closest village to Shark Tooth Beach. If you choose to take this route, don't imagine better road conditions. The road conditions on this route are not much different from the previous route, only you can shorten your travel time to reach Shark Gigi Beach.

You are also advised to park your vehicle in Kelumbayan Village and continue your journey to Gigi Hiu Beach by using a motorcycle taxi service offered by local residents. Using a motorcycle taxi service can also make it easier for you to find the location of Gigi Hiu Beach, which is remote and far from residents' villages.

Also make sure you are in good physical condition, because you will find a narrow path that can only be accessed on foot for approximately 300 meters.