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Places You Must Enjoy in Gardens by the Bay

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June 04, 2021

Places You Must Enjoy in Gardens by the Bay
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The country nicknamed the Land of the Lion has transformed into a developed country that is very clean with a neat urban layout and has many skyscrapers with ultramodern infrastructure. One of the proofs of modern Singapore can be felt through the presence of Gardens By The Bay. 

Gardens by the Bay is a 110-hectare urban nature park within the Marina Bay district in the Central Region of Singapore, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. 

Located on the shores of the Marina Bay Waterfront in central Singapore, Gardens by the Bay is a sanctuary for nature lovers as well as horticulture enthusiasts. This park is a special attraction, considering that it was built from land reclamation in the center of Singapore. Not just a tourist spot, Gardens By The Bay is also proof that technology and infrastructure in Singapore is very advanced. 

This park consists of three main gardens, namely Central Bay, Bay East, and Bay South. Central Bay is a park that connects the two existing parks. East Bay has an area of ​​32 hectares with a charming landscape design, character and theme. South bay featuring horticultural plants and trees with a height of up to 50 meters.

Here's a list of must-sees and dos at Gardens by the Bay.

1. Flower Dome

Garden by the bay Flower Dome is an indoor conservatory that has a wide variety of flowers that bloom beautifully in season. The park which has an area of ​​​​1.2 hectares will be very comfortable to explore, especially with temperature adjustments that are always maintained and advanced technology whose quality does not need to be doubted. Generally, many events take place here, such as photography events, orchid flower exhibitions and many more. Another interesting thing is that in this Flower Dome the decorations will change according to the big events that are taking place, for example, Chinese New Year celebrations, New Years, Eid and other big days.

2. Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest has a man-made waterfall that rises high above which will surely amaze you. Investigate a calibaration, the waterfall is the highest indoor waterfall in the world. Then what else is in the Cloud Forest other than an artificial waterfall? Here you will also find the skyway. Skyway is actually a bridge that surrounds a large pillar. Through the Skyway, you can freely see the beautiful scenery outside around Gardens By The Bay and the scenery also indoors. Most of Garden By The Bay Singapore you can access for free, but to visit Flower Dome and Cloud Forest you will be charged a fee. The tariffs are divided into 2, namely, local resident rates and tourist rates outside Singapore. Reported from the official website of Gardens By The Bay Singapore,

3. Super Tree
Actually Super Tree is a medium for vines that are built with a height between 22 - 50 meters. The Super Tree structure is made of sturdy iron steel with a beautiful design so that the plants will propagate and form a giant tree that is truly amazing. Super Tree covers an area of ​​about 101 hectares and half of the land is covered by the botanical gardens that are part of the National Parks Board's Gardens by the Bay Project. This beautiful park is designed horizontally and vertically, and is filled with millions of the best rare flora and also flora that are included in the conservation list. The cost needed to build this park reaches around 1 million billion Singapore dollars.

4. OCBC Skywalk

The OCBC Skywalk is a bridge connecting several supertrees at Garden By The Bay Singapore. From the top of the OCBC Skywalk you will see a very charming view. You will feel as if you are walking in the sky, because this Skywalk is right above a giant artificial tree. The gardens by the bay ticket price for OCBC Skywalk is SGD $ 8, or the equivalent of Rp 80 thousand. It sounds quite expensive, but the cost will certainly be comparable to the views offered by this vehicle which has a height of 22 meters and a length of 128 meters.

The most exciting thing you can do at OCBC Skywalk is take pictures while enjoying the scenery around the rides overlooking Marina Bay, or around Gardens By The Bay. If the weather is sunny, Singapore's cityscape consisting of buildings, a giant Ferris wheel, and the Singapore Flyer will be clearly visible. This ride is open from 9 am to 9 pm. If you are reluctant to heat up and want to get a stunning view full of lights, it is highly recommended to come after 6pm. Guaranteed you will be amazed!

5. FREE Spots at Gardens by the Bay

Far East Organization Children's Garden: Based on gardens by the bay wikipedia Indonesia, this ride has lots of fun toys for children, for example, suspension bridge, treehouse, spider nest and an arena for playing water. The water play area is in the form of a water shower with various shapes, where children can chase each other while getting wet.

Light & Sound Show: The next free ride is the Light & Sound Show which is a music and light show in the Supertree area. There, the giant trees located in the Supertree will be lit with lights that display a light show accompanied by songs that will make your visit even more serene. This show is held 2 times every night, the schedule for the garden by the bay show for the Light & Sound Show is at 19:45 and 20:45. You are free to choose the most beautiful angle to enjoy this show. No need to worry about running out of space and jostling because the area is quite large.
There are still several free spots at Gardens By The Bay, including thematic gardens, such as Indian Garden, Malay Garden, Chinese Garden, and Sun Pavillion which are full of giant cactus plants.