Pamper Your Eyes With Views of Mangroves and Free Living Animals at Bama Beach, Baluran National Park. -->

Pamper Your Eyes With Views of Mangroves and Free Living Animals at Bama Beach, Baluran National Park.

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June 13, 2021

Pamper Your Eyes With Views of Mangroves and Free Living Animals at Bama Beach, Baluran National Park.

In addition to having natural attractions along the cave, East Java is also the main destination for tourists who want to visit natural attractions in the form of beaches. Not without reason, because East Java is also known as an area rich in beaches with various characteristics. Bama Beach is no exception, a beautiful beach with white sand and clear water that is behind the exotica of Baluran National Park.

Administratively, Bama Beach is included in the Situbondo area. To get to the beach location, visitors must pass through the entrance gate of Baluran National Park which is on Jalan Banyuwangi – Situbondo km 35, Wonorejo Village, Banyuputih District. From the gate of Baluran National Park to the location of Bama Beach, it is about 8 km. Along the way, visitors will be presented with the beauty of Baluran National Park, which is green in the rainy season and looks arid in the dry season.

There are two types of beaches in Indonesia based on the type of sand, namely black and white sand. Bama Beach is a white sandy beach. The vast and beautiful stretch of white sand makes Bama Beach an Instagramable photo spot. Taking pictures here feels like a hit beach in Bali or abroad.

Unlike many famous beaches that are crowded with tourists, Bama Beach still has a thick natural atmosphere. Here you can see clear sea water and beautiful mangrove forests, tourists will be spoiled with views of the mangrove forest.

In fact, you can also see various animals that live freely. There are several types of primates such as gray monkeys and langurs. There are also various types of birds and monitor lizards. However, do not disturb these animals and be careful with your luggage. Otherwise, wild primates may steal your food. This is the uniqueness of the Bama Beach mangrove forest. To enjoy the mangroves, tourists climb a bridge built between the mangroves – which functions as a footpath.

Another uniqueness of Bama Beach is its location which is surrounded by mangroves. Walking west along the path, visitors can see the exotica of mangrove plants up close by walking along the viewing bridge. The shady end of the viewing bridge is often a location for beach visitors who want to do fishing activities.

At the end of the mangrove trail there is a gazebo. You can sit here while looking at the beautiful view of the beach. Don't forget to feel the cool touch of the breeze and the shade of the mangrove trees.

The sea water at Bama Beach is still clear. The waves are soft too. So, this area is specifically for you to swim or dive. This place is suitable for those of you who like snorkeling. You can interact directly with marine life at Bama Beach. There are a variety of beautiful fish and well-maintained coral reefs. You can rent snorkeling equipment at affordable prices or bring your own equipment.

Besides being known for its various uniqueness, Bama Beach is also equipped with several tourist support facilities, such as rinse rooms, places to eat and rest, to lodging with views of the beach in front of it. According to the manager of Baluran National Park, Bama Beach is often a leading tourist destination in Situbondo with sunrise views and charming underwater views.

If you don't like physical activity, you can still enjoy this beach, because this area is suitable for sitting around while enjoying nature. You can see the stunning sunrise and sunset here. However, you must first report to the officer because actually the visiting hours of Baluran National Park are only 07.30 to 16.00 WIB.