Mount Manglayang Saves a Very Enchanting Natural Charm -->

Mount Manglayang Saves a Very Enchanting Natural Charm

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June 24, 2021

Mount Manglayang Saves a Very Enchanting Natural Charm

For nature lovers, who have made a bucket list to climb one of the mountains in Bandung, of course, they must know the interesting things in the mountain to be climbed first.

Mount Manglayang is a stratovolcano type mountain located between Bandung City and Sumedang Regency, West Java, Indonesia and has an altitude of about 1818 meters above sea level. The scenery is quite beautiful, but because it is relatively not too high, so it is not well known by mountain climbers in general

This mountain is suitable for beginner climbers, because it is not too high. The view at the top is beautiful and relatively quiet. But you have to be careful and prepare your stamina, because there are no climbing posts available.

In a row of mountains Burangrang - Tangkuban Perahu - Bukit Tunggul - Mount Manglayang, Mount Manglayang is the most beautiful mountain of the four mountains. Maybe that's why among outdoor activists, this mountain was forgotten except for outdoor activists from Bandung and its surroundings. However, Mount Manglayang still offers its own natural charm.

Although it is a stratovolcano type mountain, it is not known when was the last time Mount Manglayang erupted. Although it is the most beautiful mountain in Bandung, you must be mentally prepared if you want to hike to its peak. The problem is that there is no shelter post on the hiking trail to the top of the mountain.

In addition to the mystical air, Manglayang also keeps a very enchanting natural charm. The landscape presented is also able to ward off the mystical impression that surrounds this mountain.

For Bandung residents who are still learning to hike, Mount Manglayang is the right choice. With three normal hours of climbing, you will arrive at the top of Mount Manglayang. There are three hiking trails until you get to the top of Manglayang, namely the Batu Kuda route in Cileunyi, Palintang at Ujung Berung and Baru Bereum at Kiara Payung Jatinangor. These paths will take you to different sides of the mountain peaks.

To be able to see the beautiful scenery during the ascent, Wargi Bandung is advised to take the Baru Beureum route. There are two paths found here, to the left is the hiking trail, while the right path passes through a row of stalls to the campsite. Bandung residents of course have to choose the left path. This path begins by passing through a small river, followed by a lime garden belonging to the residents. The physical condition of the hiking trail begins with a clay incline interspersed with rocky incline, the whole is very slippery and is a waterway, so it is not recommended to climb in the rainy season.

This mountain climbing route is not equipped with a post/shelter because the distance and travel time are quite short. For the location of building a tent, it can only be done at Puncak Shadow and Puncak Manglayang. This clear path will split at the intersection, the vertical track to the left is the direction towards the peak of the shadow and the gentle track to the right is towards the peak of Manglayang, to build a tent is recommended at the peak of the shadow. 

At Shadow Peak, this place wasn't that vast. The capacity of the tent that accommodates in this area is only about 4-5 tents. The view offered is open nature. When night falls, the lights of the city of Bandung can be seen clearly from the Shadow Peak.

As for the Manglayang Peak, the land condition is quite flat and wider. The view that is presented is in the form of lush forests around Bandung.

Before deciding to climb the mountain, tourists must be careful and keep all words while on the mountain. Tourists are also prohibited from doing anything that does not, especially if it destroys nature.