Mega Wisata Ocarina, a favorite theme park and tourist destination in Batam. -->

Mega Wisata Ocarina, a favorite theme park and tourist destination in Batam.

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June 08, 2021

Mega Wisata Ocarina, a favorite theme park and tourist destination in Batam.

One of the artificial tourist attractions in Batam is Ocarina, Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam is a theme park and favorite tourist destination in Batam. The park was built on an area of ​​40 hectares in 2008. Once visitors enter the gate, they will be greeted with statues of the Chinese zodiac such as rabbit, buffalo, dragon, rat, tiger, goat, snake, monkey, horse and chicken. .

Ocarina which has been established for more than 10 years is no less exciting, which is able to attract many foreign tourists. Not only to play on various existing rides, not infrequently visitors who come also just relax and enjoy the scenery on the beach. Moreover, this beach area is also a white sandy beach. This beach is decorated with pine trees, rides, open stage, gazebo and jogging track.

Uniquely when we enter the Ocarina area, we can see twelve zodiac statues lined up along the roadside near the park. The twelve zodiac statues represent animals that represent a specific year, month, and hour in Chinese astrology. Each zodiac statue is accompanied by explanations and philosophies in Indonesian, English, and Mandarin so that we can search for our own zodiac and then take pictures.

With a magnificent location on the beach so it is convenient for family vacation purposes, on holidays this place is visited by many people both local and outside the area to enjoy various rides in this place. The entrance ticket for ocarina tours is relatively cheap, but to enjoy the various games you need to buy a ticket at each game counter.

The price of the entrance ticket offered is Rp. 25,000. However, please note that ticket fees and facilities at Ocarina can change at any time without prior notice so it would be better if we bring more money just in case.

Visitors who want to play in this tourist spot can come from the morning. Ocarina Batam has been opened starting at 08.00 WIB and closed until evening.

Mega Tour Ocarina Batam Attractions and Rides:

Occupying an area of ​​40 hectares, the Ocarina area is not yet fully developed. Development continues to be carried out in stages to make Ocarina truly a mainstay Mega Tourism not only in Batam but also in Indonesia. Even so, now Ocarina already has many recreational rides that visitors can enjoy.

There are many tourist attractions in Ocarina, some tourists who visit Ocarina have one goal, namely refreshing and Ocarina is a suitable place to relax and have fun.

Plaza Coastarina

This spacious plaza overlooking the open sea is a must-visit when in Ocarina. This is because in this square there is a large sign that reads Coastarina which is usually used as a photo background. This location is also the best place to view the high seas. One more object that becomes an attraction while at Plaza Coastarina is the Ferris wheel.

Giant Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel or Giant Wheel Ocarina which is right near Plaza Coastarina becomes so interesting because it is located right on the beach. Having a diameter of 30 meters, this Ferris wheel is a vehicle that is ready to invite visitors to see the sights of the Ocarina area.

View of Batam City, the sea, and surrounding islands from the highest point of 25 meters. This Ferris wheel itself has 16 gondolas, each of which can be climbed by a maximum of five people.

Giant Wheel in Ocarina is located near the beach so if we go up / go inside we can at the same time see the beautiful sea view is a suitable place for lovers, Ocarina not only has many rides and beautiful scenery but also Instragramable so also suitable if you like photography.

Tours at Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam:
- Water park or swimming pool
- Children's land
- Stork pond or stork pond
- Flying fox
- Shio statue
- 3D Cinema
- trampoline
- Water feature
- Photography spots
- Extreme sky runner
- Kampoeng Indonesia
- Art village

Mega Wisata Ocarina Batam is equipped with facilities such as a food court, gift shop, parking area, toilets and many more.