Ciwidey White Crater is a Beautiful and Stunning Natural Adventure Destination -->

Ciwidey White Crater is a Beautiful and Stunning Natural Adventure Destination

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June 18, 2021

Ciwidey White Crater is a Beautiful and Stunning Natural Adventure Destination

Eliminating fatigue when busy work hits is a good idea for capitalists. There are many ways that can be done to relieve fatigue, but blending with nature is one of the best ways to restore drained energy. Traveling with nature can help relieve physical and mental burdens. Bandung is one of several cities in Indonesia that has beautiful and stunning natural adventure destinations.

An adventure to the White Crater Ciwidey, Bandung is an interesting option, its blue water can refresh the heart, mind, and the natural scenery surrounded by green hills can be a relief to the eyes.

Ciwidey White Crater is famous for its white water color. Actually the white color of this crater does not come from the water above the surface. However, the white color in this crater comes from other elements in the soil which are then mixed with sulfur.

You will see a greenish white color in the water. The structure and texture of this crater wall layer is indeed quite unique. Moreover, the formation of this crater also comes from the huge eruption of Mount Patuha. Many visitors make this place the main tourist destination when the holidays arrive.

The condition of the White Crater of Bandung is indeed different from other places. Moreover, the atmosphere that can be enjoyed by visitors is also influenced by environmental factors around this crater.

At any given time, the color of the water on the surface of the crater tends to change. This is caused by conditions from weather, air temperature to sulfur content. Of course this is a very interesting moment for the visitors. If you are lucky, tourists will get very exotic colors and make this crater as a beautiful and interesting photo background.

Ciwidey White Crater is located on a fairly large area. This condition makes the manager have to make a special path to the middle of the crater. This is to make it easier for visitors to enjoy the atmosphere in the crater. The air temperature in this crater at certain times is quite cold.

There are two ways to get to Ciwidey, namely, using a bus or private vehicle. If you want to use the bus, tourists can take the Leuwi Panjang Terminal, Bandung Department, which stops at Ciwidey Terminal. After that, you can continue the journey with an angkot that goes to Ciwidey to Situ Pategang in Yellow which gets off at the gate of Kawah Putih and then takes Ontang-anting.

For tourists who use private vehicles, they can travel from Central Bandung then look for Jalan Raya Soreang Ciwidey via the Stadium Si Starling Harupat - Ciwidey Rabbit Park - Ciwidey Valley Resort - Kampoeng Strawberry - Kawah Putih Tour. Before traveling, of course, there are many things that must be prepared, travelers must know what transportation to use, when, and what items to bring. Of course, careful preparation will support a comfortable trip.

Here are tips and tricks for an adventure to the White Crater Ciwidey:

Use a mask when around the white crater, a little risky because there is still sulfur that can come out and smell. So, it is important for travelers to cover their nose and mouth to maintain health.

Bring an umbrella because in the white crater there is rarely a place to take shelter, because it is very open, so it is very important for tourists to bring an umbrella if it starts to rain.

Come early, of course, the main goal is to come to see the beautiful colors of the crater, and tourists can also explore while enjoying the scenery and taking pictures.

When visiting Ciwidey White Crater, you should use a motorbike because traffic jams will make tourists bored and tired on the road, so using a motorbike is one thing that can shorten the time to get to White Crater.

Kawah Putih will look beautiful when summer arrives, so travelers are advised to come in the period from February to October to enjoy the scenery and get good photos.