Barusen Hills in Ciwidey, a suitable tour to visit with friends and family. -->

Barusen Hills in Ciwidey, a suitable tour to visit with friends and family.

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June 05, 2021

Barusen Hills in Ciwidey, a suitable tour to visit with friends and family.

Ciwidey is a famous tourist location in Bandung. There are many tourist destinations there that are suitable for the millennial generation. One of them is Barusen Hills in Ciwidey.

Barusen Hills Ciwidey is a tour that is currently hits in the Ciwidey area of ​​Bandung, this tour is called the Barusen Hills tour. This tour has the concept of a place that is friends with love, so that most of those who come to visit are young people.

Barusen Hills is usually visited by young people who are in love, although it does not require the possibility of being visited by a married couple and their children. This number of romantic spots is often used as a photo background.

This tourist area from time to time has undergone various improvements from the manager. So, it is not surprising that it has always been a favorite place for tourists. Moreover, the concept that was built is also unique and interesting.

It's not just young people, Barusen Hills can be said as a modern destination that is complete and suitable for all walks of life. You can take photos, you can swim, or you can just play on the game rides.

Barusen Hills Ciwidey is equipped with various facilities such as lodging, canteens or places to eat and a prayer room and a large parking area.

The price for the Barusen Hills Ciwidey entrance ticket in June 2021 is IDR 20,000 for weekdays and IDR 25,000 for weekends.

To enjoy the spot foot and other rides, you also need to spend a budget. And after being drawn a budget of around 5 thousand to 25 thousand, depending on who and the photo spots you visit.

For those of you who want pre-wedding photos, there is also a special rate of around one million. Isn't it great? according to the background used. The fare is quite expensive because not just any place has a romantic and beautiful background like in Barusen Hills.

For parking rates at Barusen Hills Ciwidey Bandung, it is only 5 thousand per motorbike. There are various complete facilities to accompany you to enjoy your tour in Barusen Hills.

Ticket prices can change at any time according to the manager's policy. The rates listed can have a reference range, if they change they may not be much different from the previous prices.

The ticket price is very cheap, because there are many interesting facilities in this Barusen Hills tourist location. With the entry ticket price, you can enjoy almost all the rides and photo spots in Barusen Hills.

For those of you who bring small children, waterpark rides must be the main goal here. You don't need to pay anymore to play water here.

The address for Barusen Hills Ciwidey is in Gambung, Ciwidey, Cisondari, Pasirjambu, Bandung, West Java. To get to Barusen Hills you can use the Cipularang toll road and exit the Kopo toll road. Then please turn right to Sayati Market.

After that, please go to Sulaiman or Margahayu Air Base, then head to Soreang and head towards Ciwidey. The location of Barusen Hills from Ciwidey terminal is about 2 kilometers there is a gas station, please turn left.

In addition, the Road to Barusen Hills Ciwidey can also use an alternative road that can be started from Cimahi which goes through Baros to Soreang sub-district. The operating hours are from 8 am to 5 pm.

For those of you who have visited the Bandung Guguk House tour, it can also be a benchmark. The Barusen Hills location from Guguk's house is about an hour and a half or usually takes about 44 minutes.

The location of Barusen Hills is quite far from the city center. Nada takes about 1.5 hours from Bandung square which is on Jalan Asia Afrika. To avoid crowds, you can direct the vehicle out of the Kopo Toll Road towards the Sulaiman Air Force Base.

After that you can go to Soreang then to Ciwidey. Don't be surprised if it turns out that the road to get to the entrance is very busy on weekends.

What about the various information above?. Surely Barusen Hills will be your next vacation reference, right?. Don't wait, visit Barusen Hills soon and make sure you bring a good camera to get interesting photo spots. If you use a cellphone, make sure the battery is full. Have a good vacation :)