Namsan Tower, a Romantic Tourist Attraction In Seoul -->

Namsan Tower, a Romantic Tourist Attraction In Seoul

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May 03, 2021

Namsan Tower, a Romantic Tourist Attraction In Seoul

When visiting South Korea, Namsan Tower is one of the destinations that you must visit. Don't miss the thrill of going up to the top of the tower to see the beautiful landscape of Seoul City. Take a walk while enjoying the beauty of the exciting park. 

N Seoul Tower or better known as Namsan Tower is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seoul. This place is located on top of Namsan Mountain at an altitude of 479 meters above sea level and is the most striking landmark in Seoul. The tower itself is about 237 meters high. This tower is the first radio wave transmitting tower in South Korea and still transmits signals for media such as SBS, MBC, KBS, and FM.

The Namsan tower was built in 1969 with the aim to function as a radio and television transmitter. Only in 1980, the tower was opened to the public and became a tourist attraction that offers a beautiful view of Seoul City from the top of the tower. 

Namsan tower has become an icon of the city of Seoul and has become a tourist destination visited by many foreign tourists. Not only foreign visitors, this place is also a favorite place for Korean people to travel with family, friends, and even lovers.

Visitors can see the cityscape of Seoul from the observatory which is located at an altitude of about 138 meters. At the top of the tower is a restaurant with a capacity of about 184 people, so you can enjoy the beauty of the city of Seoul while enjoying a delicious meal.

Apart from being an iconic destination that you can visit, N Seoul Tower looks beautiful from a distance, especially at night. Using the latest LED technology, the tower is always illuminated with various colors and patterns. The protected area around N Seoul Tower also displays a harmonious atmosphere between nature and 21st century civilization, a cutting-edge building. Vehicle traffic is restricted here to keep Mount Namsan clean and green.

The color of the lights on the Namsan tower at night changes according to the air condition at that time. The blue color indicates very good weather. The green color indicates the air condition is not too good and it is advisable to use a mask. Meanwhile, the red color indicates that the air is very bad and people should not leave the house.

Namsan tower is a favorite place for couples who are in love because of their love locks. This love padlock is the main attraction of the tallest tower in Korea. There is one area in the Namsan tower which is full of padlocks attached to the wall. Usually the young visitors have prepared a padlock with the name and partner written on it, then locked it, and the key is thrown under the mountain area.

However, in recent years, the South Korean government has prepared a box to dispose of keys because it is feared that the keys thrown into the mountains will accumulate and turn into trash.

Because it is a romantic place, Namsan tower is often used as a shooting location for Korean dramas. Korean drama lovers must be familiar with the panoramic view of the Namsan tower. Famous dramas that have taken filming locations here, including Boys Over Flower and My Love From the Star, as well as many other Korean dramas.

If you are hungry during your visit there are many places to eat available at N Seoul Tower. The Sweet Bar is a great place to buy drinks and sweet or salty snacks such as popcorn. There are also various restaurants for those of you who want to sit back and eat. Choose from a variety of Korean noodles at Cheiljemyunso, American burgers at N Burger, Italian specialties at THE PLACE Dining, fine French restaurant at n.Grill, and Korean buffet restaurant at HANCOOK. To enjoy a dazzling night view of Seoul, don't miss to visit the premium sky lounge N TERRACE while sipping your cocktail.