Experience Staying in a Stunning Underwater Hotel at The Water Discus -->

Experience Staying in a Stunning Underwater Hotel at The Water Discus

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April 15, 2021

Experience Staying in a Stunning Underwater Hotel at The Water Discus

Water Discus Hotel is one of the most amazing lodgings in Dubai. Dubai, an oil rich country, shows off the splendor of its country. After building the tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa and building the biggest mall, Dubai Mall, they are ready to build a hotel under the sea.

As quoted from Dailymail, this underwater hotel is named The Water Discus HotelThe design is truly futuristic, resembling a space building.

This underwater hotel is designed to integrate submarine activity with waterfront life. The concept for the Water Discus hotel was conceived by the Polish company Deep Ocean Technology (DOT) in collaboration with researchers from the Gdansk University of Technology. DOT is also developing autonomous unmanned submarines to serve hotel guests.

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Located 10 meters below sea level, this one hotel does not have an area that is too big, this hotel consists of 21 rooms, a bar, and a special room for diving. In addition, this hotel is also connected by three pillars which are equipped with lifts and stairs to take guests to see the underwater beauty.

Even though there are only 21 rooms, each room is luxuriously designed to pamper every visitor who wants to enjoy underwater life. The environment is made as comfortable as possible and is complemented by a very beautiful lobby and swimming training.

The hotel is also equipped with special lighting technology that can illuminate the natural surroundings of the sea. There is micro photography in each room to feel the charm of the sea around it. To make this luxury hotel is estimated to cost up to 18 billion US dollars or Rp 165 trillion.

To stay at this hotel, the rate per night starts at US $ 5,760 or Rp. 50 million. So, do not be surprised if only wealthy people or the upper middle class can stay at this hotel which was initiated by Dubai leader Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.