Unique Hotels In The United States The Dog Bark Park Inn -->

Unique Hotels In The United States The Dog Bark Park Inn

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April 27, 2021

Unique Hotels In The United States The Dog Bark Park Inn

Several hotels have uniquely shaped buildings, one of which is The Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, rural Idaho, USA. The expansive view of the prairie wheat fields and the surrounding mountains looks specific at any time of year. From the second floor deck on a clear night, the starry sky garden is just as impressive. From the name alone, it is known that this hotel is a giant Beagle. 

The owner is a woodworker founded by a married couple, Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin. This dog-shaped hotel is 4 meters high and is the largest beagle-shaped building ever built. The hotel is of course friendly to guests who bring pets.

Dog Bark Park Inn is a bed & breakfast inn within the World's Largest Beagle. Guests enter the body of a hunting dog from a private 2nd floor deck. Some of the dog's decorative furnishings are carvings by chainsaw artists Dog Bark Park, Dennis & Frances. Inside and above another level to the dog's head is a loft space with additional sleeping space plus a comfortable alcove at the muzzle.

At Dog Bark Park, they specialize in creating wooden dog carvings in the folk art style. Dennis and Frances create more than 60 different dog breeds and poses and often work from customer photos to create carvings similar to their best friend's dog.

It was built in tribute to the bizarre roadside attractions that grew up in the early days of freeway car travel. The 'Bed and Breakfast Inn' consists of a bedroom and living room housed in a giant Beagle with additional space inside the head of the statue. The interior is full of folk art oddities that are perfect for you dog lovers and anyone who likes an unusual experience.

With two large dogs signaling your arrival to Dog Bark Park, visitors can stroll the grounds, browse the gift shop and artist studio that showcases unique saw art by husband and wife artists Dennis and Frances. Dog carvings are a specialty although visitors are likely to find carvings themed on fish, cats, bears, deer, as well as Lewis & Clark. At Dog Bark Park, artists enjoy sharing stories about dogs, travel and life as well as helping visitors plan their vacations.

This giant dog even has its own name, namely Sweet Willy. This inn has four bedrooms with one master bedroom. In addition, this inn is also equipped with a variety of dog-shaped furniture.

Stay in a beagle-shaped building with unique comfort and style. Relax with a selection from our library of books, games & puzzles, many of them dog-themed. Snacks and breakfast in the dog are included. Wi-Fi if needed.

The famous Hells Canyon on Snake River is nearby, inviting visitors to explore it via jet boat tours from spring to fall. Or explore Nez Perce's original history and culture at interpretive sites and nearby towns.

Explore the nearby Dog Bark Park visitor center, gift shop and artist studio where owners Dennis & Frances chisel carvings of dogs with chainsaws.

Dog Bark Park guests can fully use all facilities. With good service, you can make your visit very special.