The thrill of staying at a hotel made of Es de Glace -->

The thrill of staying at a hotel made of Es de Glace

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April 16, 2021

The thrill of staying at a hotel made of Es de Glace

Hotel de Glace in Quebec City, Province of Quebec, Canada is one of the most famous ice hotels in the world. Located about 5 km north of Quebec City, on the first slopes of the Laurentian mountains. The Hotel Ice attracts many visitors from all over the world, it has welcomed more than 1 million people worldwide since opening in 2001.

De Glace hotel building resembles a castle made of 15 thousand tons of snow and 500 thousand tons of ice, this hotel was built by about 60 workers for a full month every year, especially before winter. Shaped with a steel frame, the hotel is built like a sand castle, then allowed to harden in the cold Laurentian mountains for several days before the support is removed.

Because this hotel is made of snow, you can only stay overnight every winter, around January to March. The hotel will be closed in the summer. Only the bathroom is heated and is located in a separate isolated structure. There is also a chapel where weddings are celebrated. 

The Hôtel de Glace changes its theme each winter to please locals and tourists alike. Dazzling art and winter splendor greet you as soon as you enter the Great Hall. You will be enchanted by the themed hotel rooms and suites decorated with magnificent sculptures. Be sure to stop by our luxurious chapel, where people from all over the world will immediately be amazed by its magical atmosphere. 

Guests are also required to wear three layers of clothing as the average room temperature ranges from 23-27 degrees Fahrenheit. They were also asked to use the outdoor spa and sauna before going to bed.

Glacial hotel has proven as a location that can attract the attention of many people who want to spend their holidays or even want to get married there. Due to the increasing number of visitors, the hotel has expanded the number of rooms and suites by 44 from the previous 36. The walls are made artistically to accompany visitors to see the hotel. Along the walls are also decorated with beautifully carved decorations and furniture. 

Even though it is made of ice, visitors who bring their families don't have to worry about the facilities. Hotel de Glace has quite complete facilities ranging from rooms, cafes, karaoke rooms, meeting places and ballrooms. Hotel De Glace has a capacity of 36 rooms which are all made of ice. However, on top of it is a mattress, deer hair, and an Arctic sleeping bag to keep guests warm.

The rooms and public areas of the Hotel de Glace are furnished with exquisite carvings and carvings. Columns, arches, decorative sculptures and animal glitter serve as colored lights that are projected on the guests. The ice bar has become a favorite of hotel visitors. The Ice Bar serves cocktails in own glass made of ice, and the Ice Café can easily be turned into a chapel for an exclusive wedding of up to 150 people.

Hotel de Glace opens a new suite modeled after the rooms of the main characters in the movie 'Frozen'. The suite is designed to resemble the bedroom of Elsa and Anna, the sisters who are the main characters in this Disney animated film. All furniture and interiors in this room are made of ice and snow. 

Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport is 18 km from the property. Skiing and other winter activities can be done at the nearby Village Vacances Valcartier. There is an ice chapel with 70 seats. Guests will also enjoy a Nordic relaxation area featuring an outdoor spa and sauna. There is an indoor water park, which guests can access for an additional fee.