The Sensation of Staying in a Room that Resembles a Bird's Nest -->

The Sensation of Staying in a Room that Resembles a Bird's Nest

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April 25, 2021

The Sensation of Staying in a Room that Resembles a Bird's Nest
Treehotel, Swedia

Staying at a unique hotel is always an experience that tourists are looking for. In Sweden there are hotels that provide rooms that resemble bird nests, UFO-shaped and glass boxes that seem invisible. in the middle of a forest in Harads, Norrbotten County.

Treehotel is a place where nature, ecological value, comfort and modern design are combined into an exciting adventure. Nature gives birth to life. As a place of recreation, its proximity to nature and the wilderness is second to none.

The Bird's Nest, a room that resembles a giant bird's nest. You can see, big tree branches forming a big circle. Then The UFO, looks like a flying saucer in the movies. Meanwhile, the Mirrorcube is rectangular in shape and the entire exterior is covered with glass as if invisible.

Inspired by the movie The Tree Lover, Treehotel has a concept that blends with nature. So don't be surprised if the design is very similar to a tree house that hangs in the middle of lush trees, with views of the river which only has 6 rooms.

Even so, the overall exterior of this inn is almost the same, namely in the form of a cube. Uniquely, the exterior of the room is closed in a mirror that reflects the trees beside it. This hotel gives the impression of a room that is camouflaged between trees and one with nature. To enter the Treehotel you have to use the stairs.

In the rootless urban era, Trees have become a symbol of an ever-present place, a place we can always come back to. Trees have always played a central role in the entire history of mankind, no matter what view of life it claims to belong to and no matter what political currents a person's blood is pumped into, it always stands there as a reminder of ancient vitality and wisdom.

The materials used to build The UFO are composite materials that are durable and strong. The objects or interior of the room are also designed with the smell of outer space, which is modern and comfortable. It really feels like inside a UFO. It combines cutting-edge design and architecture with home comforts such as tea / coffee making facilities and free Wi-Fi.

Treehotel's eco-friendly rooms feature large beds and the latest furnishings and decorations. All rooms, of course, have views of the surrounding forest and countryside. Each room is equipped with a toilet and washbasin, while a shower can be found in a nearby building.

The Treehotel kitchen team is focused on serving wild hunted food and local ingredients. The hotel's sauna and hot tub can be used for an additional fee.

Not only the nuances of space, travelers can also feel fresh air and beautiful views from the room. The green forests, the vast Lule River and the balmy valleys.

Many activities can be arranged by Treehotel upon request. In summer, you can enjoy hiking, kayaking, or exploring the neighborhood on a thick tire bike. You can also enjoy tree dining, a unique experience where dinner is served 10 meters above the tree.

Activities such as dog sledding, snowmobile, ice fishing, and snowshoes can be done in winter. Boden is a 40-minute drive away, while the coastal town of Lulea is an hour's drive from the Treehotel. The nearest shops and swimming pool are 2 km away, in the village of Harads.

To be able to stay at the Treehotel, it costs SEK 4,900 (Swedish Krona) or the equivalent of Rp. 7,203,000. As for the extra adult fee, SEK 840 or IDR 1,249,000, extra for children SEK 500 or IDR 735,000. A traveler can order it directly through the official Treehotel website.