Staying in the Middle of the Adrere Amellal Ecolodge Desert, Egypt -->

Staying in the Middle of the Adrere Amellal Ecolodge Desert, Egypt

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April 24, 2021

Staying in the Middle of the Adrere Amellal Ecolodge Desert, Egypt
Adrere Amellal Ecolodge, Mesir Photo by Alberto Siliotti

Authentic Eco-Friendly Lodging with a unique and exclusive location. The exterior looks like an unattractive desert house, but once you see it inside, you will be amazed. Adrere Amellal Ecolodge in Siwa City, Egypt will offer a luxurious experience staying in the middle of the desert.

With Sustainable and Unique Architecture following traditional techniques, Adrere Amellal deliberately uses the typical local house architecture made of kershef, aka a mixture of stone and sea water. This mixture will keep the traveler warm in the room, and cool when it's hot. 

That is why there is no electricity in this hotel, let alone a telephone. But about luxury, don't ask again. Many have recognized that this hotel with rates starting from Rp. 5 million, is one of the best in the world, as well as the most unique too.

Each of our 40 unique handcrafted rooms combines distinction and authenticity. Earth's buildings blend naturally with the landscape. All furniture and crafts pay tribute to nature and the talented local craftsmen. With no electricity, the rooms are softly lit with a dozen beeswax and a starry desert sky.

Tranquility in the sand is an Egyptian hideaway with desert silence offering simple solitude, stunning views and a special respect for the environment. At night it is so quiet that you start to hear the stars. It is a place with a very special and luxurious primitive taste, surrounded by the kind of magic that only ancient tribes, majestic mountains, and a cruel desert climate can evoke.

Shiva has a unique natural environment with extraordinary geological features, a diversity of flora and fauna, and about 230 natural fresh water springs fed by Nubian aquifers. Renowned as the location of the Oracle of Amon, who consulted Alexander the Great before continuing his conquest of Persia, Shiva is today as always, with majestic rock formations, lush groves, and
brilliant salt lakes throughout the oasis.

The aura around Adrère Amellal is spectacular. One step into another world. A world that doesn't depend on electricity, air conditioning or room service but rather on preserving the natural beauty around it. The Adrère Amellal provides stunning views of the surrounding salt lake or oasis wherever you look. The doors and furniture are made of olive wood and at night the only sources of light are the many beeswax candles, lanterns and the desert sky.

The eco-lodge created by Dr Mounir Neamatalla at the foot of the "white mountain" is like some fairy-tale casbah from "A Thousand and One Nights" - a castle of clay, sand and salt.
All buildings are made with local materials: with kershef - a traditional mixture of sun-dried rock salt, clay and straw - for the walls, with sandstone for the bathroom, palm trunks and fronds for the chairs and hand-woven cloth for the cover. Everything is minimalistic with a miracle of harmonious balance between nature, spontaneous architecture and local traditions.

A residence of luxurious simplicity close to the friendly traditions of the Berber desert
A refuge from sand and salt modeled on earth like a mineral labyrinth to better get lost between the dome of the sky and the waves of the dunes.
From Marie Claire by Jean-Pascal Billaud

Adrère Amellal is committed to using authentic ingredients. All fruit and vegetables come from his own garden, with loving care and without pesticides, meat and poultry from local farmers and all the bread and cakes are made in-house.

The swimming pool from natural springs is shaded by large palm groves and flows out of natural springs. Hundreds of candles illuminate Adrère Amellal's dinner with its magical glow with a flexible dining area. Depending on the wind and the mood, dinner here is served in a different part of the house, terrace or cave room each evening.