Staying at the Bivacco Gervasutti Hotel feels a test of guts -->

Staying at the Bivacco Gervasutti Hotel feels a test of guts

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April 17, 2021

Staying at the Bivacco Gervasutti Hotel feels a test of guts

We are used to finding hotels on the edge of the lake. There are already many hotels on the edge of the forest. However, what happens if you stay at a hotel on the edge of a cliff? Can you sleep well or not ?.

Bivacco Gervasutti is a capsule-shaped accommodation located on the edge of a cliff on Mont Blanc, Italy. This place is suitable for mountain climbers who want to take a short break in comfort.

Located at an altitude of 2,835 meters above sea level, the Bivacco Gervasutti has been designed to last. So, don't be afraid, iDEA Lovers! The architects behind this sturdy building, Luca Gentilcore and Stefano Testa have also designed this inn to be environmentally friendly but still modern.

Made from pre-fabricated modular pieces, they can be easily transported to the manufacturing site by helicopter, and assembled quickly. It includes a kitchen and living area, a bed with adjustable bunks, an insulated entrance with a drying rack, and a transparent tip that lets in light, lets you enjoy the view, and is made of scratch-resistant acrylic. And because electrical wiring is not a common occurrence at the top of the mountain, it has solar panels on the roof that provide enough power to run the entire operation.

This Bivacco Gervasutti is built on a modular chassis in a sandwich composite and arranged internally into 2 areas (dining area, and a 12-bed dorm) with a total area of ​​thirty square meters from 1980 pounds. It is designed to be built entirely in a valley, air delivery and installed with minimal field operations. 

Designed to offer protection for mountain climbers, for example if the weather conditions suddenly deteriorate. Typically, they are positioned after a three to five hour walk from the last parking lot, as the midpoint for the rest station to the summit. Busy during the day, they are usually left out at night, as the mountaineer starts climbing again in the late afternoon.

From Lavachey hamlet (1650m), cross the bridge on the gravel road that leads to the village of Fréboudze. After crossing the bridge the yellow signal indicates the path to biv. Gervasutti as line n.55, difficulty level EE (?) And time 4.30 hours required (personally EEA or F).

DO NOT turn right following the signs but head into the forest in front of you until you find a good track marked with a very clear yellow sign. The path passes through the forest to a large area made of rocks and bushes. Follow the pile of rocks across the scree and into the river. Try to tackle it in the easiest part, then aim for the moraine at the foot of the waterfall which is placed across from the scree.

Go through the gutters and steep slopes, until you reach a channel (fixed rope 50m) for an easy climb. Keep climbing back on track until you reach the broken area and rocky knobs. Always following the yellow markings, reach for the fields of snow falling from the left edge of the rocky island where the (very conspicuous) bivouac stands that always point to the yellow mark. From the bottom of the island, some rope remains allowed to enter the balcony (30m) where installing the new bivouac Gervasutti. To get off, it is better to rappel (minimum rope 60m).

Even though it is on a mountain and not easy to reach, this hotel is quite unique and luxurious with all the available facilities. If you see these cliffs, it is like the Everest movie filled with snow and steep. To reach here requires sacrifice, this hotel is sure to be one of the favorite hotels for hikers. The electricity in this hotel uses a photovoltaic unit or some kind of the latest generation of solar panels.