Sensation of Staying at The Hobbit Motel Village, New Zealand -->

Sensation of Staying at The Hobbit Motel Village, New Zealand

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April 26, 2021

Sensation of Staying at The Hobbit Motel Village, New Zealand

New Zealand is so synonymous with Hobbits. Honestly, the film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey took place there. From there, many Hobbit-themed tourist destinations in New Zealand have sprung up, including about hotels.

From the outside, these two independent underground shelters look like they came straight from Tolkien's Middle-earth. Don't worry if you're not three feet tall with hairy legs, everyone is welcome at the Hobbit Motel. This unusual motel was built using polystyrene beams, keeping it cool in summer and warm in winter. Each Hobbit unit is built into a hillside, much like the hobbit pit from 'The Lord of the Rings', and can accommodate up to six people.

The Hobbit Motel is a brilliant motel created with a creative mind. Located in Woodlyn Park in Waiton, this motel has a warm and homely atmosphere. The world's first hobbit motel started out as the only motel with a U – Drive Jet course. Then the Billy Blacks Kiwi Culture show attracts and amazes people from all over the world. The motel also has a bar and restaurant to entertain people. In other words, The Hobbit motel adds a unique dimension to New Zealand culture.

 One of the rooms there is called The Hobbit Motel which is small but still comfortable and looks cool. Each room at the motel is fitted with toilet and kitchen shower facilities. The Hobbit motel atmosphere is very interesting. The décor and furniture are constructed from polystyrene blocks. This material keeps you warm in winter and supports sufficient cooling in winter.

Rooms are furnished with bunk beds and double beds. Each hobbit motel can accommodate up to six people. This unique experience costs you $ 140 for a one night stay for couples. The motel also charges $ 10 for an additional person. The Hobbit Motel ensures a comfortable and attractive stay at the motel. The warmth and homely feeling of arriving at the motel was a stark contrast to the hospitality of the Hobbits.

Staying at a hobbit motel in Waitomo, New Zealand located in the hills of Waitomo, New Zealand, the accommodation has custom designed furniture and décor. For the comfort of guests, these rooms are constructed of polystyrene beams that provide additional warmth in winter and a cooling effect in summer. These units are self-contained and contain a kitchen and bathroom. Each unit can accommodate up to 6 people. In each unit, there is a separate bedroom with two sets of bunk beds and a double bed in the main living area.

At the hobbit motel, there is a restaurant and bar as well as a unique stage arena for shows and music. Facilities also include private en suite bathrooms, self-contained kitchens, non-smoking rooms, Wi-Fi in public areas, and wedding / banquet / event facilities. Each unit has a dedicated parking space.

Among the many shooting locations, the location that is most often used and the most popular is the filming location in Waikato, in the city of Matamata where in the film The Hobbit is referred to as Hobbiton. In The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings films, Hobbiton itself is depicted as a location where the hobbits live.

Every day, tourists who visit the location of the former filming of The Hobbit can reach 3000 people. Tourists who visit this place will also get a different sensation because of the beauty, the authenticity of the atmosphere that seems to make visitors feel like one of the Hobbits.