Moraine Lake The Best Crystal Clear Lake In The World -->

Moraine Lake The Best Crystal Clear Lake In The World

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April 29, 2021

Moraine Lake The Best Crystal Clear Lake In The World

After seeing the photo above, how, you guys feel familiar right ?. Yes, it is Moraine Lake which is very enchanting. We often see the lake on a desktop computer or laptop wallpaper view.

Not only is it the beauty of the landscape, but the enchanting portrait of Lake Moraine is immortalized on Canadian postcards and banknotes. The waters of the lake are crystal clear tosca, lined with snow mountains and cool pine trees.

Moraine Lake is located in a national park in Canada, namely Banff National Park. This lake has crystal clear water, earning it the nickname as the lake with the clearest water in the world.

Around the lake, there are hills with glaciers and trees, which dominate the pine trees. Not only seeing beautiful scenery, visitors can also do various activities here. Like rowing boats, hiking, and staying overnight near Moraine Lake.

Among all the lakes in Canada, Lake Moraine (Moraine Lake) is the most beautiful lake in Canada. Moraine Lake is a glacial lake located in the Canadian province of Alberta, precisely in the Banff National Park area, located at an altitude of 1,885 meters above sea level and has an area of ​​about 0.5 square kilometers. Lake Moraine has crystal clear Tosca colored water surrounded by hilly areas with glaciers and dominated by cypress trees.

If you visit Canada you can try to relax on the edge of this lake. While spending time, you will be presented with a view of the snow mountains in the national park.

A trip to the lake is a great option to spend your long holiday. With cool air and fresh water, it will make your mind refreshed and you will feel calmer after dizziness thinking about work.

To spend your long holiday, the country of Canada can be an excellent destination because there is so much to do there. One of them visited the lake. As we know, Canada is the largest country in North America. Not only that, Canada also has the most lakes in the world and almost all of its lakes are beautiful and very stunning. 

Besides having clear waters like crystals and beautiful and stunning scenery, the water in Lake Moraine can also change color at certain times of light blue and then turn into Tosca green. This unique thing is due to the conditions of the melting glaciers and the light emitting.

The inn is also very natural, making visitors feel like they are in the wild. For lodging and tour packages, the price starts from CAD 1,630 or the equivalent of IDR 17 million to CAD 3,200 or IDR 33 million.

The activities that can be done on this lake are quite interesting, such as hiking, taking photos, taking a boat, taking it easy to see the scenery. You can also swim if you are cold strong. This lake which has amazing beauty is also often seen in the desktop wallpaper options on windows and is also often done for pre-wedding places.

With its amazing beauty, this lake has also become a very excellent tourist destination and is the main destination for foreign tourists when visiting Canada. For those of you who are going on vacation to Canada, you really have to stop by Moraine Lake.

Visiting this area before 10 a.m., we will see sunlight slipping from the snow mountains that underlie the lake. From its clear waters, a panoramic reflection of the snow mountains radiates.

If you want to visit Moraine Lake, it is highly recommended that you come from June to September. Because in addition to these two months, snow will blanket Lake Moraine.