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Hang Nga Crazy House Hotel Is The Most Unique Hotel In The World

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April 28, 2021

Hang Nga Crazy House Hotel Is The Most Unique Hotel In The World

When you want to go on vacation somewhere, you will definitely make a list of which tourist destinations to visit. However, the lodging that we will choose as a resting place must be carefully planned.

Most travelers prefer accommodation that is both comfortable and unique. Lodging with this unique design is usually chosen to be used as a photo spot. 

This fantastic building located in Dalat, Vietnam is a guest house, cafe and art gallery all in one place. The official name of this hotel is Hang Nga, but all the locals call it the Crazy House, the craziest house in Vietnam. This hotel will take tourists unforgettable experiences on their way to discovering a little Vietnamese specialty here.

The hotel architecture is something of "Alice in Wonderland". And that's impossible to explain. Here you will find caves, giant spider webs, made of wire, concrete tree trunks, concrete giraffes and much more. 

Hotel owner Hang Nga Crazy House started to build a strange construction in 1990. There are straight lines and rectangles here, just curves, weaves, mazes. But the five-story hotel doesn't get lost between mountains and tropical trees, and looks so harmonious. A room in "Crazy House" costs 60? $ 80 per day, it's pretty expensive for Vietnamese standards. Therefore, some rooms are usually empty,

Hotel Hang Nga Crazy House gives off a mystical impression that is truly antique like a house in a fairy tale movie. When you see this hotel, you will feel like you are in a witch's house. If you see this hotel, you will feel like you are in a witch's house.

The overall design of the building resembles a giant tree by incorporating sculptural design elements to make it look more natural. The sculptures include animals, mushrooms, cobwebs and caves.

The architecture used consists of complex, organic, non-square forms, which have been described as expressions.

Since opening in 1990 the building has earned recognition for its unique architecture. The ornaments used also add to the impression of horror. For horror lovers who want to test their guts, this place is worth a try. Each room provided at this hotel offers a variety of animal topics.

What do you think about sleeping here? Sleeping accompanied by a tiger that reflects the red light from his eyes. Each room is equipped with a seating area, wardrobe and heating facilities. Some rooms have beautiful garden views.

Architectural outcast and president's daughter, Dang Viet Nga built this unique structure entirely from private and private funds. Not only that, the local city government is also fighting him every step of the way. But he didn't give up. She pushed to make her dreams come true - whimsical and passionate fantasies.

Taking inspiration from organic growth, this hotel resembles a giant banyan tree. There are 5 levels and each room has a different theme. The world's only expressionist hotel, the architects used hand drawings as a substitute for blueprints and unskilled craftsmen to build them. A refreshing experience, or a bad mushroom trip - you decide whether you choose to stay here.

As far as I can tell, there aren't many services, but who needs a spa and a golf course if you have a giraffe with glowing eyes, toadstool chairs and talking trees to cheer you up?