Dream Cave Hotel Turkey Is Like Staying on an Alien Planet -->

Dream Cave Hotel Turkey Is Like Staying on an Alien Planet

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April 23, 2021

Dream Cave Hotel Turkey Is Like Staying on an Alien Planet
Dream Cave Hotel, Turki

Dream Cave Hotel is located in Goreme City, Cappadocia, Turkey, this one hotel offers an unusual stay experience. That's because the rooms in the Dream Cave Hotel are located inside cave rooms that may be hundreds, even thousands of years old. Nearby landmarks such as Sunset Point (0.6 km) and Zemi Valley (2.0 km) make Dream Cave Hotel a great place to stay while visiting Goreme.

Dream Cave Hotel was founded in 1999 and is in use today. This hotel is a romantic place for those who want to spend Christmas, New Year and honeymoon. The rooms in this hotel will make you feel cold in summer and warm in winter. All rooms have various sizes, shapes and facilities.

The city of Cappadocia is famous for its exotic scenery, in the form of rock mountains that resemble an alien planet. Not to mention the main attraction that a traveler can enjoy in this city, namely The Hot Air Balloon Ride. At Dream Cave Hotel, a traveler can feel the unique sensation of Cappadocia City even more.

With a room price of around Rp. 4.3 per night, the facilities provided by this hotel are complete, ranging from bathroom showers, to free wifi, bars and restaurants, and swimming pools. It is also strategically located, only about 5 minutes walk from the Goreme bus stop.

Dreams Cave Hotel offers a unique experience with most of the rooms located inside a cave. You'll love the ornate stone walls and ceiling, paired nicely with the beautiful furnishings and the modern bathroom. Each room has a private bathroom.

The trip to the hotel starts from the Gamirasu hotel, Turkey to the area around Ayvali Village (free for hotel guests). For a business dinner, the chef will serve visitors with Turkish specialties. Usually a buffet breakfast is served so that visitors can taste some locally made products such as jam, honey, apricots and cream.

Dreams Cave Hotel has a lovely cave restaurant which serves a daily continental breakfast. You can also enjoy a variety of traditional Turkish dishes and snacks served throughout the day. The hotel also offers a variety of local organic produce, including items from the hotel's own garden.

During your stay, make use of the facilities offered, such as a 24-hour front desk, room service and currency exchange service. Guests of Dreams Cave Hotel are also welcome to enjoy breakfast, located on site. For guests with a vehicle, free parking is available. If you like Asian food, Dream Cave Hotel is located near Urizip Korean Restaurant, Jiao Zi Queen Chinese Restaurant, and Meihua Chinese Restaurant.

When staying at the Dreams Cave Hotel, try visiting the No: 10 Restaurant (0.1 km) which is a short distance away. Ortahisar is also home to Ortahisar Kalesi, a popular castle not far from the Dreams Cave Hotel. Dreams Cave Hotel looks forward to welcoming you to Ortahisar.

Additionally, while staying at the Dream Cave Hotel guests have access to a concierge service and a rooftop terrace, and you can get connected with the free wi-fi service. You can also enjoy breakfast while staying at the Dream Cave Hotel.

Oh yes, during your visit, don't forget to check out some historical places, such as the Goreme Open Air Museum and the Goreme National Park. Dream Cave Hotel puts the best of Goreme in the palm of your hand, making your stay even more perfect.

The area around the hotel is famous for its natural beauty. The hotel also has a winter garden with a fireplace.